My Perfect Day In Calgary With Eliza

What if you were given one day in a city you’re comfortable in, but rarely visit, with one of your dearest friends, whom you don’t often get to see?

Last year, I had one day with Eliza in Calgary.

I was envisioning a perfect day.  The weather would be just right (it was June, after all) and we would stroll around easily from one fantastic establishment to the next.

I made a detailed plan featuring much eating and much walking.  A plan so detailed, it featured photos on my phone of pedestrian routes from Google Maps.

First, we parked at Sunridge Mall and took the C-Train to Bridgeland/Memorial.  This way we wouldn’t have to worry about where to park the car downtown.  Excellent!

From there, we walked to OEB Breakfast Co.


I do not shy away from a 26 minute walk with a dear friend I haven’t spoken to in person for far too long.  This walk was a treat of the highest order!

For me, the perfect day must always begin with a fabulous breakfast.  And I’d done a fair bit of research and had come to the conclusion that OEB surely must excel at such breakfasts.

They did not disappoint.

First, mimosas and coffee!


This whole scene right here made me feel very content.


Eliza sent me her phone’s pictures afterward.


The “Canadian Eh!” eggs benny.  Because maple syrup and hollandaise are also part of my perfect day.


Eliza’s.  I’m not sure what she got, but I do know that is a perfect brioche on top.  She couldn’t finish it, so I ate it for her.  I’m a nice friend like that.


Ceiling of OEB.  Why did I take this picture?  I don’t really know.

Side note.  The truth is, by the time we got to OEB, it was more like a late brunch/early lunch type time.  Which is perfect, because we didn’t have to wait long to be seated, we were super-late for breakfast and super-early for lunch.  We didn’t do this on purpose, but were happy with how things worked out.

After OEB, I consulted my next map, which led us on a route through Prince’s Island Park and Eau Claire Park, to our downtown destination.


After that large meal, it was lovely to walk through a park.  I highly recommend this.  Also, it was neat  because now it was lunch time and the park was filled with office professionals getting some exercise and fresh air.

At the corner of 8th and 8th, saw this nifty water feature/mini-park and cooled our feet for a bit, just being leisurely.


Her skirt is so great.  Also I like her profile.  I said, “Look over there!”  🙂


Maybe you should put on sunglasses before trying to look at my blindingly white legs.  You’re probably safer staring at the sun.

A short time after, we strolled into Beer Revolution.  Because we are girls that like craft beer.


It was very bright in there.  Mid-afternoon beers.  Very pleased with our day.


Eliza’s Pear Ginger beer from New Belgium.  It was nice.  Mine was the Belgian Strong Ale from Sound.  Also, I like the texture of this photo!  Weird, eh?

Honestly, I prefer darker beers… for instance, lately all I want is Le Temps Noir from Half Pints.  If you like beer and you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m pretty sure you’re missing out then.  Because likers of beer should know about Le Temps Noir.  BUT ANYWAY.  This rabbit trail is about my disappointment with the selection at Beer Revolution.  I think I was expecting a magical selection of exquisite bourbon barrel aged Russian imperial stouts.  Andrew told me that was unreasonable, because it was June and those are winter beers I was craving.  Ughhhh.


I took a photo of the beer selection to show Andrew.

And then you can see from the below map that National Beerhall was also on my radar, but Eliza and I skipped it because we realized our time was diminishing.


Instead, we headed south to The Coup.  Eliza is a vegetarian.  I am not.  But I love vegetarian food.  Because it’s food.  YUM!  And I’d read that The Coup was one of Calgary’s best new restaurants, AND ethical vegetarian?  Yes please!  Eliza was in her happy place.


I have eyes only for the food in front of me.

I wished we could spend more time there.  We were so very happy with our restaurant choices for the day.  Delicious, attractive, colourful food, and fun clean interiors.


The “Bun-me” Vietnamese-inspired sub.  It was too spicy for me.  Halfway through, Eliza and I switched plates to give me some relief from the heat.  Both were delicious!   Though I don’t remember what she ordered and I have no picture.  I am inconsistent in my picture-taking.

And then you probably noticed I also had noted the location of Jelly Modern Doughnuts.  Andrew had told me about visiting Jelly Modern on a previous trip without me and I was jealous.  Also, I saw them featured on You Gotta Eat Here.  This made me even more jealous that Andrew had been there without me.  And so, Eliza and I purchased our most delightful dessert:


Let’s see if I can name them.  Top left is coconut.  Bottom left is chocolate peanut butter.  I think probably top right is lemon?  Bottom right is maple bacon, I do believe.  The heavier choices were clearly mine.

Then we went to Olympic Plaza to eat our donuts.


By now I entirely abandoned any sense of trying to take pictures.  I was all about the donuts I guess.

Olympic Plaza was built for the ’88 Olympics, it’s a huge wading pool in summer, and a huge skating rink in winter.  Nifty!  It’s REALLY delightful to skip though the shallow pool on a hot sunny afternoon.  I highly recommend this.


We waded from one end of the pool to the other, found the nearest C-Train, returned to Sunridge Mall, and said our goodbyes.


Here’s the reason I’ve been reminiscing about our perfect day in Calgary — I’m going to visit her again soon!  YAY!

(More beers and conversation and walks YAY!)


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