Predjama Castle

We were in Slovenia this past summer, and basically I let Andrew lead me around wherever.  Usually I’m too tired/hungry/whatever to pay super-close attention to our next destination.  So, when I suddenly found myself staring at a medieval castle built into a giant cave in a mountain, I was… well I guess pretty much star-struck.  I feel like I’ve seen this picture on Pinterest a LOT (if you subscribe to wanderlust-type folks, anyway).  It is, as the title of this post suggests, Predjama Castle.  Probably built sometime in the 12th century, a robber baron made it his comfortable abode for many years in the 1500’s.  Apparently there’s a hidden passageway/cave that exits out the back of the castle about 25 miles away…?  We didn’t go on the tour.  We figured the main stunning aspects could be seen from outside.  Have you been here?  Did we make a mistake?  Should we go back?  I’d be curious to know.  Anyway here are our photos from this day:












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