Cathedral of St. Sebastian of Rio de Janeiro

I have only been to Mexico once, which is odd for a middle-class North American… seems like pretty much everyone I know goes to Mexican resorts on an annual basis. It’s to the point where it’s assumed that you’ll make the yearly pilgrimage. When making small talk with an acquaintance, they will inevitably ask you, “So, when are you going to Mexico?” Not if. When. Because of course you are.

But, I’m an anomaly. I have only been once, on a family trip to Cancún, and spent one of those days at Chichen Itza:


Mexico, 2011

(Andrew once went to Mexico City without me, on a trip with his brother. So that is why I say “I” have only been once. Andrew has been to Mexico twice!)

All this is to say… that one trip provided me with enough information to take one look at the Rio de Janeiro Cathedral and declare, “Hey it reminds me of those pyramids in Mexico!” (I could not remember the name of Chichen Itza at that precise moment.)


Brazil, 2016

Turns out I was right! (I know. I was surprised too.) I mean, the impression it gives is remarkably similar to the ancient Mayan structures, and this was intentional on the part of the architect. Though of course this one is much newer, having been built in the 1960’s-70’s.

Stepping inside was very satisfying. I was delighted to find there are stained glass windows going all the way to the top:



Sitting gingerly on a bench, feeling like an interloper.

And, it’s surrounded by new skyscrapers. Here you can see the Cathedral’s reflection:


And that’s pretty much all I have to say about that. I will stop writing now. Or at least, I will stop with this post.


2 responses to “Cathedral of St. Sebastian of Rio de Janeiro

  1. The reflection totally looks like Chichen Itza! I’ve never been to Mexico on a vacation (just a missions trip in my teens). From all the news stories, it appears to be dangerous for tourists…and yet everyone we know goes there.


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