Where Should I Stay in Santiago?

THIS is where you should stay:


Are you able to read the little sign? De Blasis. (Yep, that’s a link to their website.)

Andrew and I absolutely loved our stay at De Blasis. It’s not often that I even remember the name of the place I’m staying at. (Don’t worry, I carry their cards with me so that I remember where I’m heading back to at the end of the day.)

But we super-appreciated De Blasis Bed & Breakfast. I don’t think we properly let them know that. We spent 3 or 4 nights there… and it was heavenly. It’s owner-operated and you can see they care so much, to present their guests with the absolute best experience.

The beds were so clean and white and ultra-comfortable. The rooms were private and we had everything we wanted in there. Heating/cooling that works, and is exclusively for our room alone… TV that works… amazing bed… very nice bathroom… private quiet room… knowledgable, kind front desk staff… nice breakfast… great location. From what I remember about the location of De Blasis, we could walk to the subway with no problem, to stores, and to a brewpub, all good.

To us, De Blasis felt like a wonderful home away from home.

And here’s the unique thing about De Blasis… we actually began to refer to ourselves as “the De Blasis people”. This was on our day tours, because they’d pick us up and drop us off at our accommodations, and they called us “the De Blasis people” and we happily began calling ourselves that, too. Because it made us happy to think that we were returning to our cozy clean room and friendly helpful people.

So there you go. I think this might be my first ever accommodation recommendation on this blog.

Just so you know what else is in the neighbourhood… here is a photo of what is across the street from De Blasis:


But we didn’t eat there, so I have no idea what it’s like. Everything is closed on Sunday in Santiago, by the way. That was the one night we were available to dine out… and everything was closed. Alas. SO! If you do go to De Blasis and dine at this restaurant across the street, let me know how it is.

Because we do plan to return to De Blasis.


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