Don’t You Feel Kind Of Pretentious?

“Don’t you feel kind of pretentious when you dine at these fancy restaurants?”

Um, yeah I guess sometimes we do. Like when we dined at Boragó, in Santiago, Chile.

I mean, we’re average small-town prairie folk. And then suddenly we’re enjoying this kind of night out. Behold:


Sipping rainwater that had been collected in the south of Chile.


Cracker with fermented carrot… which looked like a marshmallow. A subtle, earthy marshmallow.


A carpaccio of squid… I think.With a thin cracker on top?


Under these radish “leaves” was a mushroom mousse.


Inside this paper bag was a warm bun. We were presented with this little bowl of what looked like charcoal. It was as sort of earthy “butter” for the bun.


Um. Seafood? There was a story here. It was a little lost on me.

I had ordered the juice pairing, which was matched to each course.

The earthy berry in my first juice was kind of coffee-ish. Paired well with the mushroom mousse dish… which may have been my favourite dish of the evening.

The bright yellow one was the juice of a lemon and onion — tasted like tiger’s milk (ceviche)! It was paired with the oysters. LOVED this pairing.

Roasted wheat juice.

I don’t recall the others.


Oysters encased in tubes of ice.


A platter of stones, from dark to light. Like, they’re stone crackers…?


I believe this dish was called “Rocks”. This was my second-favourite dish. I thought it was maybe black beans coating a rock… you had to scrape it off the rock, and mix it with the broth we had been given. This took a while.


Probably the best oyster I’ve ever had. This oyster was huge, tender, and sweet.


Tender lamb, and tiny apples on a leaf.


Crackers with tiny coconuts and little flowers.


A rose candy caught in branches.


Cucumber and melon salad, with ice cream.


A series of ice creams, balsamic reduction, and… a branch that’s sticky. You’re supposed to lick the branch.


Mushroom ice cream with a sort of coffee/chocolate mousse… but not actually coffee or chocolate, but rather a different bean that is from Chile. Fine walnut dust covers the plate. This I loved.


A frozen liquid nitrogen chocolate truffle. Velvety.


No photo. These were peppermint bombs we were told to consume immediately. They had been frozen with liquid nitrogen and immediately cold frosty clouds were aggressively bursting from our noses and mouths.

What I got from Boragó was the concept of foraging for explicitly Chilean ingredients. There were some flavours and textures and stories that surprised and delighted me, for sure.

But I think it was the moment we were licking those branches that we looked at each other and said, “This is ridiculous. We are ridiculous.” Then proceeded to sip delicately-collected Chilean rainwater.

Regrets: Just one! I regret that we attempted to do something afterward. I was way too full.  Like, really. These may appear to be small portions… but SO MANY courses, and the food was so rich… should’ve gone straight back to the hotel.


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