Why Should I Go To Valparaíso, Anyway?

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have various friends who have visited Chile for weeks or months at a time. And, said friends, upon hearing that you also are now going to Chile, will exclaim, “You HAVE to go to Valparaíso!” and, “Well obviously you’re going to Valparaíso, right? RIGHT?”


And, assuming you are like me, you will respond, “Huh? What’s in Valparaíso? Why should I go there?


And your friends will respond, “It’s where all the artists live. It’s the San Francisco of South America. It was once SA’s most vital seaport, before the Panama Canal opened up. It’s so colourful. It’s the second biggest city in Chile. You really need to see it, I highly recommend that you do.”


Further assuming that you’re EXACTLY like me, you will then spend about three hours on a walking tour in Valparaíso… which doesn’t exactly compare to your friends who have spent said weeks/months at a time there. But hey! I did go see it! And, it was beautiful. Check it out:


The photo below is all about Easter Island and the Birdman Cult. We wondered, are his uplifted hands intentionally positioned below both crosses?


If you go to Valparaíso, can I just say, you should keep your eyes open and be sure to stop and stare at the murals and graffiti that you’ll find everywhere in what I think of as the “artist’s quarter” (no idea if it’s called that or not).


And remember, this is in July, which for South American countries is the dead of winter. Hence some trees with no leaves. But palms and other still as green as ever.


And so I leave you with a series of photos from our short walk in Valparaíso…







Looking up.


Looking down.



Looking out to sea.


Looking at our reflection.




Personal regrets regarding my visit to Valparaíso: we did not go on any funiculars. I love going on funiculars (sort of like elevator-trains that go up mountainsides). I have since learned that there is an extensive collection of these in Valparaíso, and the World Monuments Fund has even declared this system of funiculars to be among the world’s most endangered historical treasures. AND I SOMEHOW MISSED ALL OF THEM.

I suppose we’ll just have to go back. 🙂


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