Club Sandwich

After we had climbed a volcano, we were very very hungry. And parched. Enter Club Sandwich. A little eatery in downtown Hanga Roa. The name caught my eye because I thought, is it like a club for sandwiches? Because they serve burgers and beers. Which is what I wanted. This place was pretty epic.


Seriously these burgers were huuuuuuuuge. We spent some time in awe of our burgers… unsure of how to start. Also… we could’ve just ordered one to share and called it a day. WHY have we not learned to share meals yet? EVERY TIME. (Andrew says it’s my doing since my hunger is intense and I want everything. But then I do not finish everything. My brain does not work very well when I’m hungry… so I insist on overly aggressive/optimistic menu choices.)


Here you can see the Club Sandwich logo on the window next to me. This burger requires rolled-up sleeves. This burger means business. And so do I.


Oh, we also ordered poutine. Okay, maybe this wasn’t called poutine. My Canadian blood is showing. 😛 It’s fries, meat, cheese, and the most delicious gravy-sauce I’ve ever tasted. Maybe it’s like sweet donair sauce? It was also on Andrew’s gnocchi at a restaurant the previous night, so to me this is called “Easter Island sauce” because I felt like it was everywhere… and it was glorious.


All I need in life is really good food with someone I love. Happy.



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