Accidentally Discovering AnaKai (A Magnificent Cave on Easter Island)

Our second day on Easter Island got off to a bit of a slow start, as we spent a lot of time obtaining water, finding the museum, and walking down streets that were simply not getting us to our destination because I was still trying to get my bearings and was apparently unable to read the map.

When we finally set out, our objective was to climb the (dormant) volcano to find the Birdman Cult huts and all of that.

First, one more delay: AnaKai.

We weren’t really aware of Easter Island’s magnificent caves. But as we walked, Andrew said he felt like we should head over in a certain different direction first. Something made him think we should go check out this little sign:


The circle on the lower right corner represents the volcano, I’m pretty sure. And the dots are the path…?

Anyway. Beyond this sign were steps down into this:img_3753

The blue of the water, the crash of the waves, the striking black rock. We were entranced. We descended… into a cave!

IMG_3773 (1)

And there was a GHOST in the cave! Oh wait, no, that’s just me in all my pale glory. By the way… see that DANGER sign? Fun times.

And on the ceiling of this cave? Paintings from the Birdman Cult!


We would’ve stayed there longer, but me being an uptight prairie girl, I was convinced one huge wave would crash into the cave and we would drown.


Anyway! That is my post for the day. I haven’t posted for awhile because of other projects on the go in this household. And now I must trot along to work. Gotta go!


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