Tahai at Sunset

You can’t count on the weather behaving when you travel… and you also can’t count on sunsets.

Andrew and I pack our days kind of full, we’re only at a location for a limited time, and if it’s rainy on the night we’ve decided to view sunset beach, then so be it. It was our one night to see the sun set at Tahai, the area with the moai statues just on the edge of the town of Hanga Roa on Easter Island. Apparently the sunsets there are the stuff of legends.

We wouldn’t know. Ha.

On the bright side, at least there weren’t very many other people around.


The first toppled moai that we saw.

It was a little startling to suddenly realize I was looking at one of the legendary statues, toppled. Accompanied by a sign, requesting that people not step on the statue. I’m pretty disgusted that people need to be told this. Surprised and disappointed in my fellow humans. Come on guys. Don’t step on the historical artifacts. Jeepers. (I’m not saying this to any of the three people who read this blog. I know you know not to do that. I’m just saying this in my head to the people I imagine were the cause for that sign. And that little fence.)

But I have to say, this next picture looks pretty good for a rainy evening…


This next item elicits in me a delightful respect for its tight economy of words:



Behind us, stone houses with tiny doorways, just big enough for a person to crawl through. (No we did not go in. Not allowed. Also, not an appealing idea.)


Standing beside giants…





Perhaps this map will give you an idea of where we were on the island. It denotes “you are here”.


Ah yes, here is a photo I took. (Most of the others were taken by Andrew.)


Our spectacular sunset shot. That was sarcasm. The sunset was not spectacular on this night. BUT… still, perhaps the ominous storm clouds give the photograph a sort of mysterious atmosphere.




And then we had to leave Tahai. We had bought tickets to a show. And what a show it was. More on that later.


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