Tian Tan Buddha of Lantau Island: 13 Photos

After a harrowing half-hour cable car ride, we arrived at the top of a mountain on Lantau Island.  There are other ways to get here, but this is the best.  Heights aren’t my favourite, but I’d still say that I’d do it all over again.  The views from the cable car are stunning, and it’s also an efficient way to get to see the Big Buddha… which is now called Tian Tan Buddha.

You’ll also find Po Lin Monastery at the top of the mountain.  And a little street lined with tourist shops and a variety of restaurant options.  It’s a very peaceful, serene way to spend a day.  We loved it!  I noted that I had the BEST lychee & jasmine green iced tea at Zen Noodle Shop on Lantau Island.  In my journal, I called it “exquisite”, and you can see how happy it makes me:

Hopefully the next 13 photos convey the beauty and serenity of this place…















2 responses to “Tian Tan Buddha of Lantau Island: 13 Photos

  1. Eep. I love all these pictures! There are so many I want to save to my computer and make into screen savers!!

    How was the walk up those stairs to see Buddha?


    • Thanks! That’s probably the greatest compliment! 🙂 Though Andrew took all these, I selected and edited them… so I guess we make a good team. 🙂
      The walk up the stairs to see the Buddha was no problem… but that’s because I’m obsessed with Jacob’s Ladder at the gym, and also because we weren’t racing. Did you see when they went to this location on Amazing Race Canada? They had to get the clue from the top of the stairs. Looked like it sucked for them. This made me feel cocky. BUT I wasn’t in a race. 🙂


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