Happy Valley Racecourse is Happy

It can be very difficult for me to convince Andrew to go for a walk with me at home.  But as soon as we visit another country, he becomes some kind of inexhaustible machine.

We had just returned to Hong Kong after a VERY full day in Macau.  We must have walked at least 30 miles in the glaring sun, often up hills that to us prairie folk seemed more like mountains.  Anyhoo, after a very tiring day, I was smelly and sweating and dreaming of heading back to the hotel, showering, sleeping — you know, the kind of thing a sane person thinks about after a ridiculously full and exhausting day.

Not Andrew!

We were almost back to the hotel when he said, “Hey, wanna go to the Happy Valley Racecourse?”

Happy Valley!

I found this name to be hilarious.  I couldn’t pass it up.  Once more, I allowed Andrew to lead me away from the hotel and toward another adventure.


Because there’s no time for rest when there’s stuff to see and do!

Happy Valley Racecourse is in the middle of an upper-income residential part of Hong Kong called Happy Valley.  Our hotel was about a 4 minute walk from the racecourse… though at this point it felt much longer.

But I have to say… I found it pretty dazzling.  A racecourse in the middle of the city.  Where we come from, racecourses tend to be on the outskirts, in fields.  This was kind of fantastical to me.


I almost didn’t add a picture of me at this event because I look so haggard, and also for some reason my arms look like udon noodles and it freaks me out.  But then I figured I should add more ugly pictures of myself to this blog, so here we go:


Mind you, I’ve seen worse. I may have been in a bit of a stupor borne of exhaustion at this point. Perhaps also a bit of sunstroke and nausea from the ferry.


They were not racing at this moment. But, this illustrates how close we managed to get.


Andrew took some sweet video of the horses racing past, but frankly I’m done with adding video for awhile.  Or rather, our computer is done with it.  But I think this blurry picture does the trick:



After one of our most tiring days ever, he looks amazingly refreshed. I can’t figure out whether I’m jealous or proud of him 🙂

Oh, and nope we didn’t win anything.  We couldn’t figure out how to place bets, and frankly we don’t find gambling that entertaining anyway.  Also, we were too tired to care about that aspect.  We were just going to check the place out.  It was super-neat.  Annnnd DONE.  Back to the hotel to collapse into blissful sleep.


2 responses to “Happy Valley Racecourse is Happy

  1. I never imagine that the two of you ever get tired or exhausted or sunstroke or nausea! I just picture the two of you constantly on adventure after adventure! Actually, the fact that you two even retire to a hotel at the end of the day is outside of my imagination. It’s fun to read about some normalcy in all your travels. It makes me go “Hey, they’re just like me! They get tired, too!” 🙂


    • You’re giving me ideas for future blog posts. Excellent. 🙂
      The more I learn about sunstroke, the more amazed I am that we’ve never gotten it. But exhaustion and nausea, heck yes.


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