Avenue of the Stars!

I’ve never been to Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, nor have I been to Canada’s Walk of Fame.  But in 2012 we visited Hong Kong’s Avenue of the Stars.  Ooh la la!

This statue pretty much says it all:


“Ooh la la!”

This one too:


“Roll camera!”

You know this guy:


Bruce Lee!


Bruce Lee!


My hands are the same size as Jackie Chan’s!


Chow Yun Fat. You may know him from 2000’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.  Or perhaps John Woo’s The Killer.


Maggie Cheung starred in Wong Kar-wai’s In The Mood for Love, 2000. (One of my favourite films… restrained, lush, elegant. She makes it so.)


Tony Leung starred with Maggie Cheung in In The Mood For Love, and also in its “sequel”, 2046.


Wong Kar Wai. Director. His movies are some of my favourites. I wouldn’t know about these if it weren’t for Andrew.

The Avenue of the Stars is along Victoria Harbour… and precisely when we visited, the dragon boat races were happening…


We think they were practicing at this time…


There was a lot of hustle and bustle… seemed like the races were about to start…


But frankly, we didn’t care.  I don’t know if it comes through in the pictures, but the sun was especially hot on this day, it was like trying to vacation on the face of the sun.  Which, by the way, would NOT be my preferred method of vacationing.  After absorbing ridiculous amounts of heat on the Avenue of Stars, we found what little shade we could, and sat there borderline comatose:


Except I was furiously fanning myself and spritzing myself with the tiny water bottle I bring along for just such an occasion. No eye-makeup, it’d just melt off anyway.

Love all the bright colours, though!


Sooooo… because we watched a lot of Hong Kong films before our trip, this was a super-cool place for us to visit.  But if you’re not into Hong Kong films… I guess you wouldn’t care about this at all.  Except… don’t you kinda want to know if YOUR hands are also the same as Jackie Chan’s?  Right?  RIGHT?  😀


2 responses to “Avenue of the Stars!

  1. I’m crazy about that first picture with the water…the one below Won Kar Wai’s picture. The colours and composition are just so beautiful!! It would make a great puzzle. 😉


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