The World’s Cheapest Michelin Restaurant: Tim Ho Wan, Hong Kong

When we were planning our trip to Hong Kong, Andrew told me about Tim Ho Wan.

“It’s the world’s cheapest Michelin restaurant — a hole-in-the-wall dim sum place!”

Okay wow.  I love dim sum.  Huge variety of sweet and umami delights!  So hearing a dim sum place got a Michelin star, was super-cheap, and we were going to eat there, well… yes please!

We figured we’d go for lunch.  We thought we were being super-generous with our time.  It opens at 10 am.  We arrived around 9:40 am and saw this:


Yes.  The line for Tim Ho Wan was already down the block.


But they’re used to it!  When the restaurant opened, the first seating got in, and the rest of us were handed an order menu.  At the top of the menu, they wrote “20/2” which meant we were number 20 on the wait list for the second seating.  Pretty sure that wait list goes into the hundreds by the end of the day!

They told us to come back in an hour and a half.

So we wandered the area…


Then we finally ducked into a McDonald’s for iced drinks and to study the menu in the air conditioning:


A closer look at the menu for you:


And then we returned to Tim Ho Wan.

It was a little chaotic!  Andrew stood back politely.  But not me.  I took our menu card with our number and stood next to the hostess stand.  I figured it was the only way to guarantee us getting our turn, since they call out the numbers, but obviously we don’t speak the language.

It seemed to me that people were trying to get in ahead of us.  This was not something I was cool with.

I was very focused…


But then we got in!  Honestly the wait wasn’t that bad at all.  Just an extra half hour.

It’s a REALLY tight, small space, with as many people squished in there as possible.


Andrew was dining shoulder-to-shoulder with the gentleman next to him:


Sooooo… what did we order?  Thank goodness for my journal!

Two helpings of BBQ baked pork buns, which is their specialty.  So unbelievably good!  We were happy for our excess.

Pumpkin dumpling with coconut sugar — this was a dessert, I loved it.

One order of chicken feet with black bean sauce.  We also devoured these.  Yes we did.

Vermicelli with beef, so so delicious!

And two chai chow dumplings (they weren’t chai-tea flavoured, btw) — with veggies and nuts inside, very delicious as well.

We eagerly devoured everything.  We had ordered the perfect amount!

Cost 120 Hong Kong dollars, which is less than $20 Canadian.  WHAT?!?!





2 responses to “The World’s Cheapest Michelin Restaurant: Tim Ho Wan, Hong Kong

  1. Wow! Why is dim sum so cheap?? I know in San Fran we had crazy cheap dim sum, too–at Dick Lee Pastry. 😉 Sounds all very delicious!


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