What’s This? Oh, Just Our Room at Hong Kong’s Cosmo Hotel

I think this is the first time on my blog that I’ve talked about what hotel we stayed at.  I figure I should start doing that, because it’s kind of an important aspect of travel.


Me, outside our hotel, at the end of our first day in the city.  We always buy lots of waters before heading to bed.  We hydrate at night.  Oh, there’s also a beer peeking out of my purse.

So yeah, when we were in Hong Kong, we stayed at the Cosmo Hotel.  Thank link goes to their page on tripadvisor.ca, which is how we found out about it.  Centrally-located, affordable, clean… all those good things we look for.  But we don’t look for huge luxury suites, since we spend all our time either out exploring, or completely asleep.


In the elevator.  It looks like I love that water very very much.

I think maybe one reason I haven’t posted pictures of our rooms, is because they’re ridiculously messy.  It’s hard to believe that people who travel as moderately lightly as we do (we share one medium suitcase and one carry-on) can make such a huge mess.  What can I say?  Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

This is after just one day:


Our entire room.  And tiny bathroom, to the right.  Not super-private.

This’ll be a short post.  I’ll just say, yeah we’d stay there again.  Looks like most of the Trip Advisor reviews continue to remain positive, and the negative ones are about how tiny the rooms are.  Basically, I assume that any room we book, anywhere in the world, will be tiny.  Space is at a premium in these cities, and I’m fine with it.  Also, I’m sharing the room with the one I love.  We don’t require a lot of space… we rather enjoy running into each other.  😉


The water bottle saga continues.  The next morning.  Picture taken from the bed.  Pretty great view out the window!

That’s it!  A short ‘n’ sweet post.

Next one’s all about the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in the world.  (Hint: it’s in Hong Kong.)


4 responses to “What’s This? Oh, Just Our Room at Hong Kong’s Cosmo Hotel

  1. I seriously don’t know how you travel so lightly. That’s just amazing. Wow. Do you do laundry often throughout the trip? If so, where do you get that done? Do you send it out for laundering at your hotel? Or a Laundromat? I can’t picture you guys just hanging at a Laundromat for an afternoon…


    • I do the laundry in the sink. It sucks. But I’d rather spend my time in the same room as Andrew, than looking for a laundromat. And usually it’s so hot that the clothes dry fast. yay


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