Michelin-Starred Dining at Amber, Hong Kong

I like to think that it’s not often that I let Andrew down.  But this is the story of one of the very worst things I have ever “done” to him.

We’d been looking forward to dining at Amber for quite awhile… and now we had arrived!  Two Michelin stars.  One of the 50 Best Restaurants in the World.  Fancy French food with Asian ingredients.  Excellent!

So it turns out that Amber is among Andrew’s favourite dining experiences.  But you know what I have to say about it?  Not a whole heck of a lot… because I became nauseous in the midst of our meal.

LET ME BE CLEAR — it had nothing to do with the food.  My nausea had more to do with the fact that we were fresh off the plane, after flying halfway around the world.  Andrew for some reason never experiences nausea at all, so he has no idea what this is all about.  All I know is, this mild yet super-annoying ailment does not care that you’re having the meal of a lifetime.  It will strike without mercy.  Ugh.

Andrew had secured a lunch reservation for us, which was a little more affordable than a dinner would be.  Even still, he noted in my journal that the dress I wore was $19, which was about 10% of what my meal cost.  (Heh.)

He also noted that Chef Ekkebus was walking around the dining room, and the service was incredibly attentive and fancy.  I can attest to this, because at one point when I thought for sure I was going to toss my cookies, I stood up and was immediately guided to a luxurious ladies room.  That’s really all I remember about that, because I was mostly aware of how typically I’d be enjoying the heck out of this amazing food (and wine pairing!), but here I was, nibbling delicately at just a fraction.  Which is probably normal for most women who dine at fancy French places… but I’ve never been a delicate nibbler.  I very much enjoy my food heartily.  So this change in my behaviour was quite an affront to Andrew, and I guess to Amber as well.

And so, Andrew was forced (forced!) to eat the majority of my portions.

He also enjoyed the cheese plate alone.

“I can’t believe you’re doing this to me,” he expressed quietly, as he singlehandedly took care of the four exquisite cheeses.

Seriously, I think this is the worst (but also possibly best?) thing I have ever done to him: feeling too sick to partake appropriately at Amber.

I noted in my journal that I loved the the amuse bouche (these are consistently my favourite parts of fancy meals, they’re so creative and fun!), the starter, and of course the dessert (because I have a ridiculous sweet tooth and no amount of nausea will stop me from eating dessert).

Andrew stated that his favourite dish featured foie gras and black truffle.  I ordered the pork belly.  I’m so choked that I don’t recall any of this really.

Anyway, here’s 16 pictures from Amber!


Amuse bouche!


Or maybe this was the amuse bouche!

IMG_0317 2


This must be the herring and seaweed.


I remember loving this.  No idea what it was though.



“Andrew, I think I can’t eat any more.  I may barf.”  “Oh, okay.  Just a second, I’m going to take your picture.”


Andrew’s foie gras with black truffle…


Pork belly…


“I bring you all the way to Amber in Hong Kong, and suddenly you can’t eat. What on earth.”


The stunning cheese plate that I was afraid to touch.  It killed me to not “help” Andrew with this.


Then dessert arrived.  Suddenly I was eating all of it.  ?????


I also enjoyed this.


I always do this with foods I’m excited to eat. (Andrew thinks it looks like I’m praying to my dessert.)

IMG_0330.JPG 2

Chocolate cherry dessert, my favourite!


And then these delights!

I guess I’ll just have to go back sometime.  🙂


3 responses to “Michelin-Starred Dining at Amber, Hong Kong

  1. I’m hungry just looking at the pictures. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that you were able to scarf down dessert but couldn’t eat anything else. That’s how I am with nausea, too. But, you looked fabulous! Even if you were about to barf!!

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