16 Photos of Hong Kong (Including The Victoria Peak Funicular)


The view our our hotel window.  We were staying in the Kowloon district.


The first morning, we stepped out of our hotel and looked up.  This is what we saw.


On our way to find the funicular.  Hot and sticky in the early morning, I already look like I’ve had enough.


Street cleaner’s cart, and on-ramps.


Church, tall buildings, trees.


Steep funicular.  Feels like we’re going to flip off the rails backwards and tumble down the mountain.


Smiling because Andrew told me to.  And, because we’ve arrived safely.


View from Victoria Peak.


Another magnificent view.  (Also, I realize these look fantastical, but yes, we really did take all these photos ourselves.)


Forgetting to smile again.  Andrew told me to come out of the shade.


This building greets you on Victoria Peak.  Interesting architecture!


Whoa.  Hong Kong is stunning.


Met a group of ladies that reminded me of my mom and her sisters.  One of them insisted on taking a picture for us.


But really, I wanted to take THIS picture myself.


Taking the funicular back down the mountain.  This time, it was much emptier.  I guess most people spend the entire day up on Victoria Peak?


I’m trying to stand straight up.  Look at the buildings out the windows.  That’s one heck of a steep grade!  It crossed my mind that we might die by funicular.  We survived.


2 responses to “16 Photos of Hong Kong (Including The Victoria Peak Funicular)

  1. Death by funicular. That’s one way to go.

    Was all of Hong Kong hilly or was it just because you were ascending to Victoria Peak?

    Okay, I know google is just a click away but…what is a funicular?


    • Ha! Google can probably describe it better than I. A funicular is a device that transports you up a hill on rails. Kinda like a train, I guess… except a funicular goes nearly vertically… because its entire purpose is to get you to the top of mountains. Easier than hiking, anyway!
      Yeah, Hong Kong seemed pretty hilly to me in general.


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