7 Photos From the Top of the Nebotičnik Skyscraper

No matter where I am, whether at home or abroad, I have one main concern when I wake up — procuring coffee.  And what better place to procure said cup of coffee… than a café at the top of a skyscraper?  When we were in Slovenia this past summer, we spent the majority of the time in Ljubljana, the capital city.  I’m now crazy about the place and tell everyone to go.  I do have to tell you, a Slovenian skyscraper is not the same as the many you’ll find in New York.  The Nebotičnik skyscraper is just 13 storeys tall.  But frankly, I was thoroughly delighted to slip away on my own one morning, to sip coffee and take in the view from the top.  I thought it was pretty grand… and so I’ll share it with you.


You can see the city’s castle on a hill, just a few blocks away.  But first, coffee!


Castle in the centre of Ljubljana.  We later climbed up there.


I thought we might check out that church later.  But we didn’t.


Downtown Ljubljana.  It’s delightful and you should go.


Yes, it’s that church again.  I couldn’t decide which picture I liked better.  That’s all.


I felt like a spy.  You can see what’s beyond the facades — trees!  And… is that a greenhouse?


That green hill is Tivoli City Park.  It’s wonderful.  I magically convinced Andrew to walk through it with me on a particularly sweltering day.

Oh, and a bonus video!  Complete with great music, courtesy of the Nebotičnik café:


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