More Photos From Our Safari at Pilanesburg, South Africa


My last post was basically just the beginning part to our day safari with Henry of Catz Tours.  And, here is the conclusion!


We continued on in our adventure, seeking elephants.  They’re so huge, I naturally assumed they’d be easy to find.



We even saw baboons… which I did not want to see, necessarily… but nevertheless, there they are:


I’d heard that it’s especially difficult to see rhinos… and yet, we saw several.  And we also felt their angry eyes on us.  I thought for sure this mama was going to poke her horn through the side of our vehicle.  You can see she is hiding her little baby rhino…


This shows you how close the rhino was to us.  I think Andrew took this picture just as Henry decided we’d be leaving.  Ha.


Thought these angry birds were pretty amusing…


And then… we saw them!  Elephants!

Well… this female elephant stood on the road, forbidding us from venturing any closer.  Henry said that that’s what it means when she lifts her foot a little.  It’s a warning.  So, he stopped, and then backed the tour vehicle up a little bit.  Then she was okay with us.


And then the parade of elephants began!


And that was our day in Pilanesburg.  I felt like we’d seen a lot.  It was quite amazing, and we felt very well taken care of by Henry.  I think I said this last time, but I’ll say it again — if you want to go on a day trip in the Johannesburg area, contact Catz Tours.




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