15 Photos From Our Safari at Pilanesburg, South Africa

When we were planning to visit South Africa, initially we told everyone that this trip wouldn’t include any safaris.  After all, it seems that the best African safaris are not found in South Africa.  Kenya and Tanzania tend to top the lists.  But not South Africa.  We figured we’d spend our time in SA focusing on history, vineyards, and restaurants.  And that we’d return to Africa another time, to a country that boasts more spectacular safaris.

But then my friend Beth put me in contact with her sister who actually lives in South Africa… and she expressed the opinion that it would be a real shame if we didn’t go on a safari– just such a lost opportunity.  “Go to Pilanesburg, even just for a day.  You won’t regret it,” she told me.

See?  I’m capable of listening to good advice.


Isn’t the landscape beautiful?  I think those little hoofed animals may be Duikers…


Blue Wildebeest.  Apparently the “Beast” from Disney’s Beauty & The Beast was modelled after this animal.


This is as close as we came to seeing a Hippo.  The ass end.


Can you see the Zebra?




Warthog.  Hakuna Matata!


So very aesthetically pleasing!


We were very lucky to see several Rhinos.  So prehistoric-looking…


Even rolling down the windows freaked me out a little.


Do I love you?  You bet Giraffe I do!  (To quote a valentine I once received from my brilliant & beautiful friend Lauren.)


This Egyptian Goose is not at all afraid of a little Alligator (Crocodile?).


Staring contest.


I don’t know what kind of birds these are… but they’re very pretty!


As close as we came to a lion.  As seen with extreme zoom from across Mankwe Dam.  I was happy for the distance.


Gorgeous landscape.  Perhaps there are some elephants in this photo.  I’d have no idea.  They are VERY sneaky.

You’ll notice there are no photos of elephants.  That is because they proved to be fairly elusive and very good at disguising themselves.  You’d be surprised how quick and invisible an elephant can be!

BUT.  Fear not.  We were with Henry from Catz Tours & Safaris, and if we wanted to see elephants, he was going to make sure that happened.

Parenthetically, if you’re ever heading to South Africa and want to take a day trip safari, we 100% recommend Henry’s tour company.  We’ve done a lot of traveling… and he’s probably the best guide we’ve ever had.  He’s professional, educated, kind, aware, upbeat… and if you book a safari, he’ll make sure you see elephants.  (That’ll be my next post.)


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