Penguins in South Africa!

We went to Boulders Beach on the Cape Peninsula, South Africa.  This is where you go to meet African penguins!


They nestle into the sand like that, and look very cozy.  But also kind of gross.  I would never go up to a penguin… I see no need to touch one.  And, they can look kind of angry sometimes.


So we stuck to the boardwalk and took pictures.  Well, Andrew took pictures.  He also took some adorable video:

Yes, they are best enjoyed from a safe distance.  Live and let live, I always say!



My favourite part is when they run into the water.  They just exude happiness!



End post.  (This is opposite of a rant, eh?)


2 responses to “Penguins in South Africa!

  1. Puffins. What about puffins? Did you see any puffins? I just associate all penguins with puffins and assume that if there is one there is the other.

    Okay. So, it’s hot there, right? I’ve honestly never heard of penguins who live anywhere else but in the bitter cold.


    • Yeah it’s usually hot there, but we were there in the dead of “winter” (southern hemisphere). Which is probably the only time we could tolerate their very warm climate. Usually we see Emperor Penguins on TV and stuff, and those ones live where it’s colder. We saw no puffins. Alas.


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