Chapman’s Peak Drive, Cape Town, South Africa

You’ve probably noticed that I don’t really give any helpful travel information.  Ever.

Well, there’s a reason for that, and I’m just going to be straight with you — I don’t do any of the planning.  At all.  Not a stitch.

Andrew plans basically everything about our trips, and I find myself in the particularly enviable position of riding on his coattails.

And this is how, this past summer, I suddenly found myself here:


Hout Bay, South Africa

The route that will take you there, is Chapman’s Peak Drive.  It’s possibly one of the most stunning drives on earth, and we took nary a photograph as we zipped along the base of Table Mountain and the dramatic bulkheads of the Twelve Apostles.  Also, I don’t have the ability to appropriately convey how stunning it really is.  Aside from helplessly repeating the word “stunning”.

But you know what?  I’m not going to apologize for not having pictures of that drive.  It was heavenly to simply enjoy being seated next to my love, holding hands, staring out the windows in abject wonder… not fiddling with a camera.

And anyway, we took pictures whenever we stopped, at places like this:


Somewhere along Chapman’s Peak Drive.

That’s right — I have no idea where we were when that picture was taken. Well… I’m pretty sure that’s the Atlantic Ocean… because we hadn’t arrived at the other side of the peninsula yet at this point… I think.  BUT!  Isn’t it beautiful?  Yes it is.

Our tour guide Maxwell was pumped to show us these thatched houses near… Hout Bay perhaps?  He was astounded by these houses, and shared his wonder with us.  I want to be like that!


Also, I had no idea there were thatched houses in SA.

Honestly, I stare at maps of the southernmost tip of South Africa, south of Cape Town, and I barely know what I’m looking at.  Are there any other travellers out there who admit that they’re a little clueless about the wonders they have seen?  Maybe I’m the only one.

So yeah, Andrew and I make a great team — he plans, and I write about it. Poorly, but with great enthusiasm, and I plan to regain my previous momentum.  Surely that’s worth something, right?


I don’t know where we were here, either… but am so in love with my partner.


3 responses to “Chapman’s Peak Drive, Cape Town, South Africa

  1. Hey. No more self-deprecation! You are a fantastic writer and I love to read your blog! I am very appreciative of the writing you do because it is so awesome to enjoy seeing your trips in this manner. I absolutely love it.


    • Thank-you! Well at this point it’s pretty much all for you, so I’m glad you’re binging on my posts in order to catch up. I shall have to pepper in more references to you. 🙂


      • I just about spit out my coffee when I read your comment. This is NOT all for me and, heaven forbid that it is! Other people read, they just don’t comment! That’s usually my M.O. when I read blogs, too.

        As long as you keep writing, I will keep reading and enjoying. Just, my goodness, please don’t ever write things for my sake. Ever. I am here to read about your travels, not search for references to myself. 🙂


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