Steve and I Have A History… Of Looking Grouchy In Pictures Together

Sometimes I skim through all the pictures we’ve ever taken on trips, and behavioural patterns emerge.  For instance, there’s a surprisingly large catalogue of pictures featuring me and Steve looking noticeably unhappy together:


These pictures look like they could be on the cover of an album all about breakups.


Here, we’re just confused about a camera.  But still.  Why do we look so upset about this?


Together in Italy (I think Venice, but maybe Rome), it seems that we simply couldn’t be having a worse time:


Walking down the street in Jerusalem’s old city… looking unspeakably unimpressed:


At the Roman Colosseum… acting like it’s something we see every day and just couldn’t care less:


At our accommodation in Jerusalem, looking like we’d just had a fight:


“Ugh!  I can’t even look at you right now!”

(For the record, we had not fought.  I was just hiding from the sun in the shade while I put on lipstick, and Steve was just waiting for the rest of us to get our shit together so we could get on with our day, I guess.  Andrew found it amusing that we looked so upset and took the pic.)

And below.  I don’t know if there have ever been two less-impressed beer tasters than us:


Judging by the looks on our faces, we couldn’t be having a worse time.

But, there’s a lesson to be learned here.  All is not as it appears.  There are lots of smiles and happy exclamations that these pictures did not capture.  And I selectively chose only the upset ones on this occasion, pretty much just because I think it’s really funny.  My sense of humour is kind of weird that way.  “Check it out!  Steve and I hate hanging out together and here’s the photographic evidence!”  Hilarious!

You know, it’s so easy to post happy travel photos.. but those don’t always tell the whole story.  Travel can be really difficult.  Maybe your camera doesn’t work.  Maybe the sun is so hot that it sucks all the energy out of you and all you can do is collapse in exhaustion at the Colosseum.  Maybe you’ve just walked down “meat street” in the Old City of Jerusalem and the sight of animal entrails in the hot sun has made you feel queasy, resulting in a less-than-delighted expression on your face.  Maybe you’re in the middle of a gorgeous square in Italy watching some kind of impromptu performance, and your benign expression just looks really pissy.  Maybe you just paid a lot of money for a bottle of beer and you want to sip it and properly enjoy it and think about it, and when you think about stuff, you look super-annoyed.

So yeah…  travel’s not always fun and games.  Also, I have a bit of a natural bitch-face.

But the truth is, it IS possible for Steve and I to be happy together in one place.  For this to happen, two factors are required.  1) — FOOD.  2) — Andrew.  Combine the two, and you get this:




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