Welcome to Cape Town, Let’s Explore Table Mountain!

I haven’t posted in a while!  Why???  I think I’m overwhelmed by the sheer volume of experiences I’ve had.  I probably get overwhelmed easily.  I think if I’d try to wake up super early and drink my coffee asap, then hammer out a post, it’d probably be a different story.  I think I’ll try that tomorrow morning!

But for now, here’s what our first day in Cape Town was like!


See that green part of the map?  That’s Table Mountain National Park.  Cape Town surrounds it.

Maps!  I love maps.  But only once I arrive at a destination.  I have trouble caring about a map until I’m actually in danger of getting lost in a specific location.  Then, I want a map.  And so, as soon as our plane touches down, I go in search of maps and become a bit of a map-hoarder.  Above, I am glorying in one of my newfound maps, tracing our progress as the red tour bus circles through Cape Town.  This is generally how we get our bearings in new cities.


Heading up the coast, just about to pass the stadium, as the sign indicates.


Andrew took this picture from the bus.  I really like it.


Then the bus arrived at the Table Mountain cable car.  We impulsively hopped off and bought tickets.  It’s a good thing we did, because the weather became questionable the next two days, and we were later told that they close the cable car at the drop of a hat!  So if you’re near Table Mountain and have some time and the day is beautiful, you need to go for it!


Incredible views from the top…


Table Mountain is very long, running along the middle of Cape Town.  Fantastical.


Here’s a little dassie!  Apparently their closest relative is the elephant.  WHAT.

Andrew wanted me to get closer to the dassie, but I would not.  See the way that dassie was eyeing me?



Many opportunities for gratuitous selfies at the top of the mountain.  

We should’ve taken a picture of the selfie-obsessed crowds, all pretending they were the only ones up there (ourselves included).  There were hundreds of people doing exactly this — posing, posing, posing — all along the top of the mountain.  At least, that’s what it felt like.


Pretty sweet pic, though, if I do say so myself.  Which I do.  


I’d heard that you can also “walk” up the mountain, if you don’t feel like taking the cable car.

Um… like THESE people?  Is THAT the “walk” they’re all talking about?


Because I stared and stared at the mountain and could not figure out how on earth you could get onto the mountain by simply strolling up there.


Looking down from whence we had come.  Feeling dizzy…

So!  That’s what we did at Table Mountain on our first day in Cape Town.  Nothing too nuts.  But frankly I probably would’ve been happy to stay up there longer.  You could plan a long day and bring a picnic.  But, people also get lost up there.  They’ve had to do some rescue missions.  Don’t let that be you.  Pay attention.

Later when we were on our way down, it occurred to me that we were nuts to pose so close to the edge.  I got shivers.


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