6 Photos of Lake Bled, Slovenia!

I guess I should really save this post for Hallowe’en… because “bled” sounds rather macabre.  But whatever!  I just have a few things to say about Lake Bled.  And I will say it via pictures, because, well you know — they speak loader than words and whatnot.

But first let me say, Bled is in Slovenia.  Slovenia is utterly beautiful, green, and verdant, and just the fact that you’re not sure what or where Slovenia is goes to show that it’s a jewel on the cusp of being discovered.  You should hurry and go now!


That’s the island in the centre of the lake.  It has a church on it.


You could take a lovely boat to that island and see the church.  We did not choose to do this.  But look at the lovely boat!


Look at this swan!  Just look at it!  And the water!  THIS COLOUR is the reason you should come to Lake Bled.


Oh, and there’s me!  Dunking my shirt in the pristine waters of Lake Bled.  I did this to moderate my body temperature, because the sun was soaring and sizzling.  It’s very hot in July in Bled.  Now you know.


Look up!  Look waaaaaay up!  It’s the castle at Bled!


Oh yes, now I see it.  The castle!

Bled is a resort town in Slovenia.  We spent probably an hour there, and IT WAS NOT ENOUGH.  If you go, stay in Bled.  And bring your bathing suit!  And cash for swimming access and ice cream.  It’s very fantastical.  Also I must admit, we did not swim.  So maybe it’s hypocritical of me to tell you to go swimming in Lake Bled when I myself did not do this.  But let me just say this: I was very jealous of those who were swimming.  I am vowing to not allow similar opportunities pass me by in the future.  And you shouldn’t either.


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