Girl with Resting Bitch Face Travels the World

You’ve probably seen that meme going around about “resting bitch face”.

As I’ve been going through the photos we’ve collected of our travels over the years, I’m beginning to suspect that I too, may in fact suffer from this condition…


At the Temple of Heaven, Beijing 2012

Though I’m not entirely sure that my face looks like that all the time.  For instance, I NEVER look bitchy when food is in front of me, nor when Andrew is embracing me.

But there are some circumstances that cause me to look tremendously bitchy.  Circumstances such as… crowds.  In the photo above, I was trying to find shade, while simultaneously trying to find a place to stand in which no one could come near me nor inadvertently touch me.  Andrew was taking some great pictures of the Temple of Heaven, and turned around to find me on that perch, looking extremely pissed off.  Amused, he took a picture.  Thanks, Honey.

Then we went to the Summer Palace… and there the crowds there were apparently a bit much for me, too.


At the Summer Palace, Beijing 2012.

In hindsight, it really is a shame that I let a little thing such as tremendous crowds with no regard for personal space to put a damper on my mood.  I mean, look at the amazing places Andrew has brought me to.  And all I could do was say, “That stranger is standing too close to me and I very much dislike that.”


On the Bund, Shanghai 2012.

Like that lady above, who decided to join me for a photo of the Bund in Shanghai.  I think I may have said, “SERIOUSLY?!”


While touring Frank Lloyd Wright’s house, Chicago 2013.

But these things don’t only happen to me in China.  They happen all over the world.  We just happened to get more photographic evidence of my egocentric behaviour in China.  As you can see above, even in Chicago, my fellow tourists piss me off.  There are none pictured, but I sadly realize that rather than enjoy the architectural wonders of Frank Lloyd Wright’s house, I was instead fixated on a man in our tour group who weirdly kept standing too close to me.  I was thinking many a murderous thought, spending much of my time darting away from him.  Honestly, he probably had no idea this kept happening, it was probably just a coincidence.  And now I look like I just hated FLW’s house.  But I swear I didn’t!


On a train to Machu Picchu, Peru 2014.

Sometimes people just talk too loud, so their words get too close and go into my ears.  I hate that too.  Hey Annoying-Train-Yeller, maybe I don’t WANT to hear your stupid stories about who you’re going to “bang” tonight.  Maybe I want to have a nice quiet conversation with my husband.  Except to hear ourselves above YOUR stupid din, we’d have to bellow just as loud as YOU are.   So yeah, that’s why I have that disgusted face above.


On a sidewalk in Buenos Aires, Argentina 2014.

Or maybe the sidewalks are too full for my liking, and I’ve been traveling for three straight weeks and for some reason I’m suddenly paranoid about perverts jumping out and grabbing me… so I start to walk around like this (above).  Again, the only reason this picture exists is because Andrew turned around to see me walking like this, he burst out laughing at how ridiculous I can be, and took a picture.


Inside the church of St. Nicholas, Ljubljana 2015.

The picture above focuses on Steve, he’s looking calm, cool, and collected.  But check out that total bitch-face sitting behind him.  Oh wait, that’s me.  *sigh*  If you look closer, I actually look like the real-life version of Cruella De Vil.


But I dunno… my mom recently gave me a photo album of pics from my childhood.  Inside, I found a very familiar face.

A childhood version of my resting bitch-face:


At home when I was 3 and a half years old, Canada 1981.


9 responses to “Girl with Resting Bitch Face Travels the World

  1. This was my favourite blog ever. I laughed so much! I love how self-effacing you are. It was highly amusing. I daresay that I have seen this resting bitch face in real life and I would not want to be the one to cause it. 🙂

    Why were you walking around with your arms on your neck? Was it so that you could elbow anyone who tried to get near you?


    • Lauren… the reason I was walking around with my arms up by my neck was so that anyone who tried to “accidentally” grab a boob would get a sharp elbow instead.
      (Incidentally… no one has ever tried this on me. How this came to be a fear of mine, I have no idea.)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This was so funny!!! 😀 I suspect I’m a bit like that too, I also can’t stand crowds (of tourists, locals or anyone really) and my hubby tells me I look like an old auntie in those moments… (I’m your age, I was also 3 in 1981 like you)… which I guess is a synonym for bitchy face, hahah! Some of those times I’m really enjoying myself, too!! So perplexing! 😉


    • I’m so glad I’m not the only traveler who doesn’t like crowds. “Old auntie” — ha! And — I know! That’s what’s crazy — often when I’m looking most unimpressed/bitchy, I’m actually having an amazing time. What on earth?! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Maybe they’ll invent a smiley filter app soon… At least now that I mostly travel with my hubby, I no longer get random guys coming up to me saying “Smile a little” or “It’s not that bad!!” Once I even got “Don’t jump!!” standing on a small pedestrian bridge…

        Liked by 1 person

    • Honestly, that’s just how I stand! Some people cross their arms, some put their hands in their pockets… and I tightly clutch my purse. It’s my “relaxed standing” pose!


  3. @snowsomewhere HA! Someone told you not to jump? I feel like that could totally happen to me too. It sounds very familiar. I too used to have males tell me to “smile” or “it’s not that bad”. I so badly wanted to respond thusly: “It’s not my responsibility to make sure someone smiles at you today. You’ll have to figure out some other way to somehow infuse happiness into your life.” In other words, I think men who say that to women are very pathetic. But! Since I go everywhere with my husband now, I haven’t heard that for a long time. Now everyone knows I am Andrew’s problem! 😀


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