Hugging A Sloth in the Amazon!

FINALLY!  The day had come in which we were going to meet a sloth and actually HUG it!

Because that’s what sloths do — they hug things.  Mostly trees.  But they’ll hug people too.


Off we went!

On the way, we saw these scarecrows in the rice paddies along the riverbanks.  They creeped me out.  Looks like it might be a human from a distance… but something’s off, right?  Creepy scarecrows.  Notice there are no birds nearby.


The steps from the very low river, to the river bank…


Walking into the village.  I guess if the river had been higher, we’d have boated right up to the houses…?  That’d have been cool.


And ta-da!  The sloth!  Willy told us that the family living in this house have taken in two sloths.  Sure enough, we looked up and there was a second one hanging from the rafters.  Sweet!


The sloth is a very excellent hugger.


Awwww what a cute sloth, right?

I was quite delighted… but admittedly also a tad grossed out.  There, I said it.  Yes… it was a little more greasy of an animal than I had expected.  BUT, a crazy-cute animal, in my opinion.

As I was holding this adorable sloth, Willy casually mentioned that the sloth has such strong arms and claws that he can open your chest and eat you.  My eyes bugged out a little at this.

“Yes,” he continued, “They can get… aggressive.”

“Get it off get it off get it off!” my brain said.

“Oh Andrew, it’s your turn now!” my mouth said.


But look at that cute little sloth, and my super-handsome husband.  Awwwww cute overload!


I realized that Willy had probably been messing with me.  He did seem quite pleased at my discomfort.  It was taking me awhile to pick up on his sense of humour.

Notice the paintings in the background.  One of the daughters in the house creates those, and you can buy one if you want.  Unfortunately, we had not brought a tonne of cash with us… so we only had enough to give the family for the courtesy of letting us meet their pet sloth.  So, if you go to the Amazon, take enough cash for purchasing neat paintings in the villages you may visit!


Then we left the house, and Willy told us that now we would visit the man who had a boa constrictor.  I tried to tell him no thanks.  Also because we had run out of money and I’d feel bad to not give some kind of monetary gift for us having seen this exotic pet.  Also, I was not entirely comfortable with the idea of seeing a boa constrictor.

We paused in front of the house, and Willy told us he’d go inside to check if today was a good day.  He emerged some minutes later, a little hesitantly.  He informed us that, well, the man owning the boa constrictor was passed out drunk, with the snake in there.  I regret not asking him if the snake was also passed out drunk… because maybe then it would’ve been okay to see, ha.

“That’s okay Willy!” I said, hoping he’d hear me this time.  “We don’t have money for the man anyway.”

He appeared to not have heard me.  He was very focused on showing us exotic Amazonian animals.  He paused thoughtfully and mused, “Well, maybe we can still go in and see it…”

“No no no no no!” I begged.

He still didn’t hear me… but then paused and said, “No… it’s better that we don’t.”

Yeah, no kidding!  Honestly, that was not an animal I was wanting to see.

But then we looked up and saw this colourful parrot!  So that’s pretty cool.


Perched on top of a house, kinda like a rooster.


I thought this was a pretty view of the village.


The very slippery, muddy riverbank.


Navigating the slippery muddy bank, while wearing the absolutely ugliest pants on the planet.


Village life!  Soccer!  (Or rather, football, I think they would call it.)


The village schoolhouse.


Boating back.  I love this photo.  WOW we live on a beautiful planet.


And then… we saw it!  A sloth in the wild!

A very stressed-out sloth.  He was pretending he wasn’t there, waiting for us to leave.  They are very shy.  I felt bad that we were perched there staring at him.  But honestly, this was the only animal we saw in the wild during our stay.  Other guests saw a lot more, because they studiously woke up super-early and very very quietly perched outside our very high treehouse with binoculars.  So yeah, they did see a lot.  That’s okay.  We were pretty pleased with the experiences Willy was making possible for us.  I mean, we were in the Amazon, and Willy, Ronnie, and the Treehouse Lodge staff were taking great care of us.

Now, if you care at all about the the order in which things happened for us… after this, we proceeded to enjoy an evening with tarantulas.  Woo!


3 responses to “Hugging A Sloth in the Amazon!

  1. I want a sloth!! I want hugs like that! Oh, gee. I’m craving a hug right now. lol

    You should’ve seen the boa constrictor! Yay for snakes!!

    What a wild day of animal adventures. I don’t even want to speak of what your evening was then like…


    • I NEVER need to meet a boa constrictor.
      Just yesterday my friend Debbie told me a story of someone she knew who had a pet boa constrictor. She slept with it in bed. One day it stopped eating, and kept laying weirdly lined up right beside her. After a few days of this behaviour, she talked to her vet about it, and the vet told her DO NOT GO HOME! IT’S PLANNING TO EAT YOU. Gahhhhhhh


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