Melancholy Erin in the Jungle

After our spear-fishing and gecko-spotting outing, Willy delivered us back to the lodge.  Evan and Amy were leaving.  In fact, I think a lot of our fellow guests were leaving.  This made me feel kind of abandoned in the jungle, actually.  It’s strange that I felt that way… and I knew it.  But I think there’s just something that’s very intense about the Amazon rainforest… I’m trying to figure out how to convey this, but it’s not really fully formed in my mind.  But these moments when we’re saying goodbye forever to good people in a very abrupt way… well, it just makes me sigh.


Anyhow, Willy told Evan and Amy what time their boat would be leaving the lodge, and he told us we’d have lunch at 1:30.


Back to our very tall treehouse.


We took some pensive pictures while we waited for lunch to roll around.


This is the look that was on my face.  “They’re gone!  Are we the only ones left?”


But, I bolstered my hopes, telling myself that we’d go back to the main lodge for lunch and touch base with everyone else and it’d be great, they’d distract us.  On the way to the lodge, Andrew took this neat pic of me and our tiny treetop abode:


Weirdly, there was no one else around when we arrived for lunch.  Turns out they’d been waiting for us for an hour.  I guess it was a communication error… I wasn’t really catching onto the rhythms of Treehouse Lodge life… and I guess sometimes people say one thing when they’re thinking a different thing, so that might’ve happened too.  Confusing, but… it was okay.  It just allowed us to be pensive for a bit longer.

Again, I have to say, the plating is pretty great, considering we’re in the middle of the jungle with just generators for energy, getting supplies boated in once a day.  However, I have no idea what these items are.  I think I was too bummed about the miscommunication and missing the company of other guests and Evan and Amy’s departure.  I did not record what this was.  Oh wait… I think these are anemic tomatoes with hearts of palm perched on top.  The palm hearts were pretty delicious.  But I’m not sure what was up with those tomatoes.


I think those white things are yucca.  Or jungle potato?  And the other is a kind of fish stew, which I LOVED.  This is something I do remember.


And then we noticed this pink substance nearby.  It was sour and refreshing and bracing and citrusy and we LOVED it.  We doused it quite liberally on everything.


Then Willy told us our next trip would leave at 3pm.  Okay.  We sauntered back to our perch, and took note of these weird things that hung from our tree.  These had been freaking me out for awhile now, and I’d been afraid to ask.  But Amy had told me that these are bird’s nests!  Okay, that’s pretty cool.


Andrew spotted this guy.  Can you see him?  At first I thought, “Why do we have this picture of just a plain old plank of wood?”  Then I remembered this amazing chameleon.  Yeah there he is.


Lost in a land of vivid green…


Well, might as well have a siesta before our next adventure…!



2 responses to “Melancholy Erin in the Jungle

  1. Wow! That’s a great pic of a chameleon! I’ve always wanted to see one. Oh, wait. Maybe I’ve seen many but just not known it!

    Keep the posts going!! 🙂 ❤ ❤


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