Spear-Fishing and Gecko-Spotting

After a near-death experience by the giant lily pads, we zipped past the Treehouse Lodge on the Amazon River, to try our hand at spear fishing.


Andrew had to stand at the very tip of the boat and chuck the spear into the water to try to hit the fish.  He was unsuccessful.


Willy was determined that we would catch ourselves a fish, and patiently continued to retrieve the spear, and encourage Andrew to try again and again.  Evan and Amy tried too.  None of us caught any fish.  We all sucked at spear fishing.

I thought for sure we’d tip.  Those boats don’t appear to tip that easily!  This was great news.

So, we puttered around on the river for awhile.  Amy spotted this guy — a giant red-breasted gecko.



While we were looking for more wildlife, I took a few photos…

Andrew, in all his sunscreened glory.


I find this selfie endlessly amusing.  We look so pensive.  It’s just because we hate the sun.  But we knew there’d be a lot of sun.  Hence the hats and long-sleeved shirts.


The shirts also protect you from mosquitoes.

There are a lot of reasons to wear pants and long-sleeved shirts in the Amazon, let me tell you.

It seems obvious, right?

But here’s the thing that baffles me — I saw girls on boats wearing little tankini tops and no hats!  I felt in pain just seeing them.  They must have much tougher skin than me.  I’d be all burned up and bitten.  I’m either a tremendous wuss, or I’m prematurely elderly.

Or MAYBE I’m just super lazy.  I hate smearing sunscreen and bug repellant on my person, it feels gross and it’s actually kinda toxic.   I’d rather just put on a shirt.

Actually this sounds like a combination of all three traits: I’m lazy, prematurely elderly, AND a tremendous wuss.

Anyway… if you’re considering going to the Amazon, just for the record, I’ll have you know that I didn’t ever regret wearing so many clothes and also wearing that big Canada Post hat every time I went out on the river.  So, I’d highly recommend it.


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