Main Lodge, Mealtime, and Missed Opportunities

Our first day at the Treehouse Lodge was strangely quiet.  Because all the other guests were off on adventures, we were alone.  After a lazy afternoon of exploring all the covered paths and swinging bridges, we decided we didn’t want to accidentally miss dinner and the chance to see other guests (it gets a little creepy when it feels like you’re the only ones there!), so we went go hang out upstairs in the main lodge.



Just sitting around, upstairs.  Alone, together.

Evening fell quickly.  And let me tell you, this lodge is STUNNING at night.  All lit up with warm lights reflecting on polished wood… I felt like I was sitting inside an amber jewel.

I’m assuming that typically, this area is where guests make friends and order drinks and play cards and laugh a lot.  But Andrew and I just sat there, morose, STILL dwelling on our luggage issue.  Other guests began to return from their expeditions, but they didn’t really talk to us.  They could probably virtually see the gloomy storm clouds brewing above our heads.  We were NOT having a normal reaction to this amazing vacation.

However!  Throughout our apprehensive moody time, I remained grateful to know precisely where Andrew was, he was beside me, we were together, and really that’s my ultimate priority in everything we do.  (There have been many times we’ve been separated on our trips — this freaks me out, I guess I have separation anxiety? Ha.)  So in a way I was calm, deep inside.  But also frustrated with myself.

The staff noticed all the guests were milling about, so they told us dinner was now served.  We went downstairs to the dining area, to find all the tables arranged separately.  We were seated at a table for two.  So, we could see the other guests, but it wasn’t natural to talk to them.  I was a little confused… like, normally at restaurants I don’t talk to people… and I’m not really chatty anyway… but it seems like when you’re a bunch of other people that speak your language in a place that’s new to you, you’d feel compelled to talk to each other and compare experiences.  So, to not be seated together felt weird to me.

Also I’d been hoping to be distracted from our relentless pondering of our stupid missing suitcase.

Food’s always a pretty good distraction!  It felt amazing, to be in this exotic, beautiful building and location, being served such carefully-presented dishes:


Cream de Zapallo — a Peruvian squash-based soup, garnished with cubes of white bread.


I think this is Papa a la Huancaina… with the freshest catfish I’ve ever had.


Dulce de Leche Pancakes.  My favourite item from our first meal.  Because I love sweets!

During our meal, we met our guide, Willy.  He asked us what we’d like to do while we stayed at the Treehouse Lodge.  There are a lot of exciting choices!  He said he was guiding another couple that night on a night walk in the jungle, but he didn’t think we should go.  I forget why.  He wasn’t feeling super-awesome, so I guess the idea of having four potentially stressful people to take care of was more than he could take.  We were still stunned by the events of our day and were still trying to adjust to how things work at the Lodge, so we agreed that we didn’t have to go on this night-trek.


Leaving the main lodge, we looked behind us.  What a breathtaking structure!


Steps up to someone else’s treehouse, lit up at night.

I want you to know that was a MISTAKE to let Willy off the hook, and to tell him we didn’t need to go on that night trek.

It was a missed opportunity.  I’m telling you this, so that if and when YOU go to the Treehouse Lodge, you can insist that you DO go on a night-trek with your guide!

We never again had this chance.  Furthermore, we later learned that the couple that we were paired with to share Willy as a guide, were two very interesting, friendly biologists.  It would’ve been utterly fascinating to have been with them on a night expedition!

So, this is a regret of mine.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to recognize an opportunity when it’s standing right in front of you.


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