Exploring Treehouse Lodge

What can I say?  It sucked to be missing half our luggage.

After a tremendous amount of loud activity, we were now alone, in nature.  With just a whole lot of time to sit and contemplate our missing luggage… and to reflect on how this was probably all my fault.

Furthermore, when I unpacked and assessed what we actually DID have… we realized that in my meticulous packing of EVERYTHING into our luggage… I had also stowed away ALL of our travel documents, battery charger, and spare batteries.  All those important items were in the missing suitcase.  This realization was a huge bummer.  My error weighed heavily on us.

But, there was nothing we could do.  We were completely and utterly isolated in this paradise, and all we could do was trust the Treehouse Lodge management was working on getting us our suitcase.  I did totally trust that they’d do all they could.  And we didn’t have any choice.  So all we could do was wait and use this time to stare studiously into the jungle and spot shy exotic animals.

We ventured out to take a look around, and pay attention to the remarkable flora surrounding us.

Let’s explore!


Walking to the main lodge.  

All the treehouses were connected by a covered platform, which was lit up at night… if the generator was working.  (If you’re planning on going… bring headlamps.)


 Looking up…

All the roofing was made with palm branches and leaves.  The roofing for the entire lodge and all the connecting platforms and all the treehouses had been done by hand in this way!


I liked how this little plant was like a tattoo on this tree. 


Nature’s symmetry.   


Lush jungle!

Andrew stood on the swinging bridge and took this 360-degree video — you can see me standing under our platform:


Like I’m just floating on air, at the top of the jungle! 



Andrew.  Never did he say an unkind word to me about my actions which led to us losing our luggage and feeling sad about that.  I love him.


What a remarkable place!  Even just looking back at these pictures and our few days there, I feel like the Treehouse Lodge won a place in my heart.


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