Come See Our Treehouse Platform!


In my previous post, I documented our journey to the Treehouse Lodge.

After our many hours of travel by plane, car, and boat, we were now stunned to be on solid land, standing still.

We had arrived.

Standing on the landing, the first thing we saw was Ronnie, hurrying toward us carrying a platter which held fresh mango juice.  I felt like I could hear angels singing at this point.  The mango juice was desperately needed, and made us feel very welcome.

Ronnie led us to the main lodge, where we were to wait for our room to be prepared.  Everything was quiet and still, and we were kind of shellshocked by the peace of it all.  There were no other guests anywhere around — they were all out and about on excursions.

As we sat there, we were presented with a plate of creatively arranged olives, feta, and ham-cubes.  We have no pictures of any of this, because we were so surprised and tired.  And hungry.

After some time, we were led to our home for the next few days — our very own treehouse platform.

As I noted in a previous post, Andrew had reserved the tallest treehouse, in order to add to our adventure.  I mean, what’s the point of being in a treehouse, if it’s not the absolute highest?

It felt like a long walk, and a long climb up the tower.  I felt like we might get lost!

This is what we saw when we opened the door:


Yep, twin beds.  I remembered Andrew had mentioned this to me, that the platform was too small for a big bed… and I guess to evenly distribute the weight.  Also to discourage any activity that would cause the platform to shake anymore than it already did.  (Ahem.)

I was tremendously pleased by the assortment of candy neatly awaiting us.

Looking up, we could see where our water supply came from (that blue bin):


Looking closer at the tree… we saw it contained life!  I don’t know what those are.  I’m trying not to think they’re termites.  Maybe they are just cute Peruvian ants.  They did not bother us at all during our stay.  (Unlike those crazy tarantulas and frogs!)


Our tiny treehouse platform contained a bathroom!  I was very charmed by this:


Look at that sleek shower head, and beautiful glass sink!


We even had a toilet up there in our treehouse.  It was a really great set-up!


This is the view from our treehouse.  We were staying in the treetops of the Amazon jungle!  WOW!

This is what it’s like to climb down:

 This is the tower we climbed every time we wanted to go to or from our treehouse:


Here’s what it looks like, to look into our room from outside the screen door:


We even had a fan over our beds!  Except I didn’t like to have it on.  I felt like it shook the platform.  (In other news, I can be overly sensitive.)



Once in our room, we laid on our respective beds, reflecting our our days’ adventures.  Also, I kept the mosquito spray nearby.  Every time anyone climbed up the tower or walked on the swinging bridges, our treehouse shook.  We just lay there, feeling our tree sway and shake.  It was trippy.  But not scary.  I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?

Oh wait… I guess a storm would be horrible up there.  But maybe it never storms in the Amazon?  It was very peaceful the entire time we stayed at the Treehouse Lodge.


In the evening, when we returned to our treehouse from dinner, the mosquito nets would be set up above our beds.  Good night!  Sleep tight.  Don’t let… anything… bite.  😉


4 responses to “Come See Our Treehouse Platform!

  1. This looks so awesome!!! I think this will be on my list of places to stay when I go to South America one day 🙂 great pics too.


    • Fantastic! This was definitely a highlight of our visit to South America and highly recommended to people who like their travel to be peppered with a little bit (or a lot?) of adventure! And thank-you! 🙂


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