Don’t Travel Hungry — Eat At Cumaná in Buenos Aires

My friend Tammy doesn’t read this blog, and I think it’s going to be hilarious to talk about her.  And NO this is not to get her to read it.  I know she won’t.  I understand.  Some people just won’t, they simply can’t bring themselves to spend their time in this way, and this makes me HAPPY.

Here’s why:

I don’t tell very many stories in person, out loud, with my voice.  This is because I’m afraid of accidentally insulting someone (happens the majority of the time I open my mouth) or getting carried away and just blathering on and on, to people who aren’t sure how to politely shut me up.

So, that’s why the blog.  If you want to read it, great!  If you don’t want to, also great!  My main concern is that I don’t end up going on and on and on with you not being sure how to make me stop.  If you’re not into a post, you can just exit — no harm, no foul.  Or read on.  Whichever.  I’ll never know.  Unless you tell me, like Tammy did.  😀

So anyway, Tammy.  Yesterday we were trying to go out to dinner.  We had it all planned out — we’d spend the Sunday of our Victoria Day long weekend exercising, shopping, and EATING.  Winnipeg has a lot of great restaurants and we were excited for Bonfire Bistro.  When we realized we were getting tired and hungry, we figured we should head over to BB.  Upon our arrival, we realized it was CLOSED.

A feeling of dread washed over us.

Oh no.

With trepidation, we zipped over to Pizzaria Gusto.  Also closed.

Then drove up to Enoteca, and Chew.  Closed and closed.

Oh no oh no oh no oh no!  We had been such FOOLS to think any of these fine establishments would deign to be open in the very midst of a long weekend!

Now we were getting very hungry and also were thinking we’d have to settle for fast food, rather than the special dining experience we’d been anticipating all day.  I were on the brink of panic.

“Okay, I’m reminding myself to remain calm,” I told Tam.  “We WILL eat again at some point in our lives.  I’m sure of it!”

The thing is, when this kind of thing happens — and it happens to me fairly regularly, actually — I do tend to freak out.  And then settle for whichever random establishment is nearby, which usually ends up not being very good.

Andrew and I didn’t want this to happen to us in Buenos Aires.  We were trying to pay attention to how hungry we were, and get ourselves to a restaurant before our stomachs began to full-on rumble.

Our guidebook referred us to Cumaná.  I was delighted to find that we were already in the neighbourhood, so we just headed up Rodriguez Peña… but we were definitely starting to get hungry-confused, because we accidentally stumbled into La Cholita which is right next to Cumaná.  Andrew immediately realized this was not quite what we were after and we darted back outside, and looked up at the storefronts.  Cumaná is on the left.  Oh I see.  🙂

Okay so now that we identified the restaurant we intended to dine at, we realized Cumaná was actually very full.  However, that did not stop the enterprising staff from finding us a table.  They set us up right at the entryway.  My chair was teetering on the edge of the step… and it was also kind of wobbly on its own.  Yet another reason I should do more working out and less pigging out, I guess.  I don’t want wobbly chairs to prevent me from enjoying places like Cumaná!

I appreciated that they squeezed us in… and it wasn’t long before a better table opened up, and they efficiently moved us to that more stable location.

Furthermore, it wasn’t long before our our food began to arrive!

We shared three empanadas…  Well, more like devoured three empanadas.  I failed to record what kinds they were.  But they were very delicious and I may have burned the roof wolfing them down.

IMG_9142 Andrew had the locro (stew).  I had just a taste.  Creamy and meaty and really the stuff of dreams.  I vowed to try to make it at home.  No such luck yet. IMG_9143I had a mushroom calzone.  Wood-fired calzone + mushrooms = LOVE. IMG_9145

So, if you go to Cumaná and they sort of just squish you in somewhere on a chair that’s kind of broken, teetering near a step by the entryway… you’ll feel blessed for the privilege.  Because the food at Cumaná is just that tasty.

As for my dinner plans with Tammy?  We discovered The Brogue was open, and there we enjoyed a healthy assortment of carb-heavy dishes featuring cheese: pizza, mac ‘n’ cheese, bread with cheese dip… And all was right with the world.


One response to “Don’t Travel Hungry — Eat At Cumaná in Buenos Aires

  1. I look forward to reading about how you will bring your own food to eat at the food court tonight. 😉 I did that once! With you and Andrew and Steve! I sat there and ate dry chicken breast and vegetables. 🙂

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