The Time I Met Great Big Sea in Minneapolis

This is a continuation of my previous post, since I’m just sitting here missing my husband because he’s currently in Minneapolis with his brother.  So I’m pretty much just rambling about that time Andrew and I went to Minneapolis with our friends Sam & Kristelle in 2005 and we just wandered around drinking.

We used to visit the Twin Cities a fair bit back before we started traveling further a-field.  But we didn’t take that many pictures.  Sam took a few.  That’s why I have two photos from that one visit during the summer of 2005.

I remember hanging around downtown at all hours of the night, just wandering around.

I remember Sam giving beer to a homeless guy.

I remember heading over to O’Donovan’s Pub near Target Center and stopping for a beer.

I remember Andrew recognizing the three members of Great Big Sea sitting on the patio, and telling me to go say hi to them.

And I actually agreed to this, because I’d had a few beers by that time.

I have this thing with context — I don’t recognize people outside of context.  For example, I often won’t recognize co-workers outside of work.  Yet Andrew has the ability to glance at three guys and know they’re part of a moderately popular Canadian band that he doesn’t even actually listen to.

I’m pretty agreeable when it comes to Andrew’s suggestions.  I love him and trust him so much.  So if he tells me to go say hi to Great Big Sea, and I’m feeling a little tipsy, I’m going to do it without question.

A:  Hey.  That’s Great Big Sea over there.  You should go say hi.

E:  Um okay.  Where?

A:  Over there.  I’m pointing at them right now.

E:  Ummmmm… still not sure who you mean.

A:  The table with the three guys!

E:  Ummmm… is that them?

A:  No!  They’re there!  Right there!

E:  Oh!  Like those guys there?

A:  Yeah!  Yeah, go say hi.  It’ll be great.

E:  Okay.

So I headed over to their table and said, “Hi, are you guys Great Big Sea?”  They looked pleased to have been recognized and were very friendly and said yes they were.  And then it occurred to me that a girl approaching a bunch of guys in a band telling them she recognized them… makes it look like you’re a groupie.  EW that is NOT my thing.  So I immediately blurted out, “Actually my husband is a fan of yours.  He’s right over there.  I’ll call him over!  ANDREW!  ANDREW!”  I turned to look at Andrew and waved frantically.

They seemed a tad less pleased at Andrew’s appearance, but I think they enjoyed talking with him, because really who wouldn’t?  Talking with Andrew is THE BEST.  (Love you and miss you Honey!)

The fellows of Great Big Sea were very modest, as Canadians tend to be.  They did not assume we were in town to see them.  Which is good, because we weren’t.  We enthusiastically told them we were visiting Minneapolis to see the White Stripes, and they agreed that Jack and Meg put on a good show.

We then politely parted ways.

I don’t have a pic from that event, so here’s one from that same night.  We encountered the legendary First Avenue nearby and took this awesome pic:

pixiesOoh look the wall matches my shirt!

And then because the show was nearly over, we ambled into the 7th St Entry for free.  The Plastic Constellations were on stage and I dug their sound quite a lot.

There!  I think I tied the story into the one photo I provided quite nicely.

My outdated Minneapolis musings are complete.


2 responses to “The Time I Met Great Big Sea in Minneapolis

  1. I like this post for many reasons. A) I’ve always wondered about the story behind that picture. B) I was JUST talking about White Stripes (and listening to one of their songs).


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