Andrew’s in Minneapolis Without Me

Usually when I figure it’s time to write another post, I go into iPhoto and check out all the pictures from our trips that I’ve never actually looked at before.  Then I collect a few of them, find my journal entry from that day, and my post comes together.

Not today.

Right now, I’m missing Andrew, and I’m sitting here drinking some beers and writing something to be posted online.  Always a wise scenario, I KNOW.

He’s on a May Long Weekend road trip with his brother Colin… which I think is among the best uses of a May Long Weekend and I’m pretty happy they’re hanging out together.  Colin is Andrew’s only sibling.  He makes me laugh.  He also pisses me off.  We fight like brother and sister.  Since I have two brothers of my own, I’m pretty pro at fighting with brothers.  It’s a fighting based on love.  And irritation.  But probably mostly love.  Colin and I used to work together, and would yell at each other for great lengths of time, right there in the office.  I hear it made the people around us pretty uncomfortable.  We all can laugh about it now.  Ah, memories.

Anyway!  Andrew and Colin are in Minneapolis this weekend, and I am here at home alone.  I’m a bit of an introvert, so I didn’t tell that many people that I’d be home alone.

I kind of assumed that everyone I knew would be busy this weekend.  But now I’m realizing people are hanging out outside in the beautiful weather, my neighbours are talking to each other and it’s freaking me out.  Like, I should probably amble out there and chat too, but the idea gives me heart palpitations.  I guess I’m too used to having Andrew at my side when these conversations take place.

Andrew’s kind of like my interpreter.  He knows what I’m thinking and he knows how to convey these things to the people around us, in a way that is polite and palatable.  I don’t have Tourette’s, but I occasionally exhibit some aspects of the syndrome — making socially inappropriate and derogatory remarks suddenly and loudly in public.  This is the real reason I remain mostly quiet when we’re out and about.  Andrew and I recently attended a city hall open house, where I busied myself abruptly declaring things like, “We don’t need parking lots downtown!  People in this town are so afraid of getting a little exercise.  Make ’em walk!”  A statement I stand by… but I did sound like a complete asshole.  Also not really very understanding of people with mobility issues.

So anyway!  I’m now reminiscing about Minneapolis.  Because that is where my true love is right now.

We’ve spent some time there together, too.


Kissing by the Westminster Presbyterian Church on Nicollet Mall in 2005.

Ah, 2005.  We kept going to Minneapolis that year.  One on of those occasions, we went with our friends Sam & Kristelle.  Sam took these pics.

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency on Nicollet.  The point of our visit was to see the White Stripes.  It was fantastic NATURALLY.  From that night, I remember: walking through the very lovely Loring Greenway on our way to the Orpheum.  Stopping for pizza… somewhere.  Yum.  I also remember wanting to strangle the lady behind me who was screaming into my ear at the show.  I also wanted to strangle myself for forgetting to bring earplugs.  Because I’m elderly and my eardrums can’t handle the insane yelling of very desperate women.

Another night, we noticed there was an “Eat Street” mentioned on the little map we had.  Perhaps front desk had given us this map.  Sam figured we should walk down the street to find a restaurant to dine at.  Thing is, we’d just been drinking in our room until about 9pm… and by the time we got out on the street, a lot of places were either closing… or looked sketchy.  I have NO IDEA where it was that we were walking… but at one point, someone told us it wasn’t smart and we should get outta there.  WHERE ON EARTH WERE WE?  I don’t know.  We must’ve stumbled pretty far a-field, I guess.

I have a lot of fond memories of that visit… basically just wandering around downtown in the middle of the night, not really knowing what we were doing.  Ahhhh youth.

Well, this is one hell of a long and rambling post.  And just one picture.  And it’s of me and Andrew kissing!  IN MINNEAPOLIS.  WHICH IS WHERE ANDREW IS RIGHT NOW, WITHOUT ME.

Here it is again:


I miss him.


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