Don’t Let the Exterior Fool You: Dining at Tegui, Buenos Aires

We’d been traveling for three weeks, and were near the end of our trip.  Lately, we’d been exploring Buenos Aires’ Microcentro late at night, and it felt a little intense sometimes.  We’d see people emerge from their jobs and apartments to drink in public at the Obelisco in the midst of Avenida 9 de Julio, and encountered security officers who told us the street we were attempting to walk down was now closed, we had to go back.  It was completely fine, but there was a certain feeling building in me… combined with my exhaustion, and seeing hints at something darker.  The night felt heavy.

It was on such a night that we asked reception at our hotel to call us a cab.  We were picked up, and whisked away to this location, where the driver left us:


We boldly walked in.


We had a reservation at Tegui,- one of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants.

I find the exterior fascinating.  It looks pretty terrifying to arrive at night.  Looks like the kind of place we should NOT be walking into.  But, we were prepared for this.  (Thank-you, internet!)

After stepping through the door of that foreboding façade, we were greeted with a plush, hip interior, and seated comfortably.


 My happy face — you see it every time I’m about to eat something tasty.

The meal started off with a delicious tiny crepe…


Followed by tiny pancakes with “eggplant caviar” and sour cream…


Then, a delicate buttery star of bread, almost tasted like pastry…


Followed by an artichoke soup I could sing sonnets about.  With quail egg and roasted mushroom.  Even seeing this picture brings me delight, remembering how much I savoured this dish…


Next, octopus.  It was unbelievably tender, like roasted meat.  I’m not sure which kind of meat I’d compare it to, though… but it was the best octopus we’ve had yet.


Then, black pudding.  This was our favourite dish of the night.  We’d been in London the previous year, and had some astoundingly delicious black puddings… but this one blew our minds.


Chestnut tortellini…


Andrew’s lamb…


My trout.


We LOVED our dishes.

And for dessert, we shared the chocolate with dulce de leche…


How you’re feeling, and what kind of a day you’ve had, can really colour your experience, even at a top-rated, utterly incredible destination such as Tegui.  And for us, we probably had overspent ourselves on this day… we had done a TONNE of walking, and it caught up to us.  We were pretty worn out.  Notice I used fewer words on this post?  Yeah.  Sleepy.  NOT FAIR.  I know.  But this doesn’t stop my mouth from watering just looking at these pictures and fondly recalling these sumptuous bites.

In conclusion… Tegui!  You should go!


3 responses to “Don’t Let the Exterior Fool You: Dining at Tegui, Buenos Aires

  1. What is in black pudding??

    I cannot believe how much food you ordered! That’s a lot! Do you always clean off each plate, too? Or are you basically just trying each dish…sort of like how we do at a buffet.


    • Yeah, it does look like a lot of food! It’s pretty fantastic, the crepes and pancake and bread were all starting tastes — we didn’t order them — they just came to us magically. 😀
      Aside from the complimentary treats, we each ordered an appetizer, a main, and a side. Or, that was our thinking, anyway. And then a dessert to share.
      Yeah, it was a LOT of food… but we happily consumed it all. It was phenomenal. Yes, I clean my plate entirely. The portions weren’t Mennonite-sized. They were smaller. But still, a great many courses. Equals AWESOME. 😀


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