Overwhelmed With Deliciousness at La Cabrera, Buenos Aires

The first thing we did when we arrived in Buenos Aires was check into our hotel, get cleaned up, and catch a taxi to our reservation at La Cabrera.  It’s a parrilla — an Argentinian steakhouse featuring grilled meat.  And La Cabrera’s currently one of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants.  That write-up says, “If you eat at only one parrilla in Argentina, make it this one.”  We took that advice literally.


The bread.  They say you should skip this… but I just have no restraint.

If you’re going to Buenos Aires and would also like to dine at La Cabrera, reservations are strongly recommended.  By the time we arrived, there were crowds forming outside the door, in the rain!  People were clambering to get in.


Andrew’s red wine.  I cannot drink red — I’m quite allergic.


Me, looking sheepish with my white wine.  At a parrilla.  In Argentina.  The poster-girl for all things LAME.

We ordered the way we usually do — two appetizers, two mains, two sides.  We were assuming all these things would be pretty small.  DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE.


Big ol’ steak knife.

Then the Provoleta: grilled provolone cheese served from a sizzling cast-iron pan.  Crusty on the outside, melty on the inside, and served with a steak knife.  Heaven!


Provoleta.  This picture really doesn’t do it justice.  At all.

Our olives and sundried balsamic tomatoes were VERY delicious.


THEN my “side salad” — I’m using quotations here because on any other day this would’ve been a main to share — it was hearty, with tomato, avocado, and palm hearts.  Big, intense, tasty.


Then our steaks!  I had a small ribeye, and Andrew had loin with bacon and veggies.  We’d died and gone to meat-eating heaven.


These came with a TONNE of sides!  We had no idea!  Creamed and cheesy spinach, bacon-corn, more olives, mashed sweet potatoes, etc etc etc!



Then Andrew’s “side” of potatoes with caramelized onions — it was pretty much like an exceptionally luxurious poutine.


We were quite overwhelmed with food, but had a lot of delicious fun.


The couple next to us started talking to us (the tables are extremely close together), giving Andrew the rest of their wine (it was red so I couldn’t have it, alas), and taking a picture for us.  Turns out she used to be a chef at El Bulli!  So I was talking to a girl who’s pretty much a culinary rock star.  Guess this means I’m just one degree of separation away from El Bulli now.  I’ll take it!


The wine Andrew was gifted with.  I’m assuming it was awesome.


And to finish things off, a whimsical sucker-tree.  


3 responses to “Overwhelmed With Deliciousness at La Cabrera, Buenos Aires

  1. The Provoleta was literally just a hunk of cheese? Like it wasn’t a steak covered in cheese? That’s insanity! lol Oh, the gas from all that cheese. 😛

    Do you get to keep the whole sucker tree? Or you just get to take one sucker from the tree? I would’ve grabbed them all. Yes, I would.

    Oh, and I would like to make this luxurious poutine with potatoes and carmelized onions. Two of my favourite things.


    • Yep, provoleta is just provolone cheese… done up in the most magnificent way EVER. The steak arrived at our table later…
      No no, we didn’t get to keep the sucker tree. But I believe you about grabbing them all. HA!
      I’m so happy you appreciate the onion aspect. (I know reading about all these onions makes Steve cringe. 🙂


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