Glasses vs Contacts for Travel

Glasses can be very annoying. They get in my way when I want to rest my head on a pillow, they cramp my style when I’m trying to look all glamorous when we dine at a fancy restaurant, they just don’t work with some of the hats I like to wear.


Photobooth with my very dear friend Rachelle. Photo courtesy of Rachelle’s talented sister Mandi.

Many of these annoying glasses-wearing scenarios occur when I’m traveling, so it’s very important to me that I wear contacts for travel.

Andrew and I have been traveling together for eight years now, and my penchant for contacts is the main reason I always check my bags. If you wear contacts, and are traveling for several weeks at a time, you must schlep along a litre of contact solution… and they will NOT let you take that on the plane.

Most people at this point stop me and suggest that I simply purchase new contact solution at my destination. Why bring along any at all?

Well, I think the people that make this suggestion tend to travel a little more luxuriously than we do.

We book the cheapest fights… arrive at awkward times (like when stores are closed)… and fill our time running from sight to sight. If we go shopping, it’s either because we need an item AND there’s a store nearby, or because we are driven to absolute desperation (for example, a footwear emergency). But there’s no guarantee that we’ll ever stumble across a store that has exactly what I want and need. It’s WAY easier to have all I need right there with me.

Of course, when you check your luggage, there’s no such guarantee that you will indeed have all you need right there with you. You straight up might never see that item of luggage again in your life. But, as far as contacts lens solution goes, I just didn’t see what choice I had.


Visiting my very dear friend Eliza in another province. My contacts had ripped, and I was forced to wear my ugly glasses for the duration of the trip.

Today, this all changed.

Today I saw my optometrist. She’s absolutely fantastic. Smart, beautiful, fun, professional, kind. And today, I spilled my heart out to her about my travel/contacts conundrum. Her eyes lit up, and she proceeded to tell me something that I probably should’ve been able to figure out for myself… but never have.

“Why don’t you bring along one-days?” she exclaimed. “That’s what I always travel with.”

I smacked my forehead. OF COURSE.

It’s ridiculous, really. I mean, I’m aware that one-day contacts exist. I’ve seen the advertising. I’ve probably even debated the benefit of one-day contacts over 2-week contacts, et cetera.  But why oh why has it NEVER occurred to me to use them for travel?

I’ve been SUCH A FOOL!

I think my optometrist has changed my life, just a little bit. At least in terms of how I travel.

No more checked baggage for me!

I’m off to find the very largest carryon our airline will allow.

l&tRocking the glasses with Lauren and Tracy.


2 responses to “Glasses vs Contacts for Travel

  1. Obviously I already read this post (hence the massive Samsonite I just dropped off!) but I enjoyed reading this. I’m glad you may have found success with one-day contacts! Oh, and I’m super happy to be in a picture!! 🙂


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