Picnicking on the Grass by the Kremlin is Kind of Difficult

On our first overseas trip ever, we had a picnic by the Eiffel Tower.  It was one of my favourite things we did in Paris, and I’ve been trying to replicate that experience ever since.

It does not go over very well at home, where being in public with an open container of alcohol is frowned up and feels awkward.  (Also, some might say it’s illegal.)

After encountering a gorgeous, luxurious, heaven-like gourmet grocery store in state department store G.U.M. in Red Square, I’d been formulating a plan.  We would return to that store, buy a bunch of delicious things, and have a picnic… and it would be JUST LIKE IN PARIS. IMG_7725 Finally, on our last day, we had time for a leisurely picnic.  We bought tomatoes, brie, white wine (with a twist-off cap), plums, cherries, pickles, bread, and… caviar!  Caviar is a decadent Russian thing…  black fish eggs, in case you didn’t know… and it was Andrew’s impulse purchase as we were paying.  It cost WAY more than the rest of the items we purchased.  I was excited that he was getting into the spirit of this picnicking idea that I’d had.

So, with our newly-purchased picnic items in hand, we eagerly trotted out into the midst of Red Square.

Okay wait.  Now what?  We can’t just sit down in the middle of Red Square and start eating, can we?

No… that would feel weird.

No problem!  I declared.  We’ll just head over here, around this corner, by the entrance to the Kremlin.  People are sitting on the grass over here.  All we have to do is step over this little fence, and…

Oh.  Police are now shooing people off the grass.  And not just shooing… but adamantly whistling.  Like, with loud, police-issue whistles.  This is what I meant when I mentioned in a previous post that if you sit on the grass by the Kremlin, it won’t go well.

We tried sitting down.

We got angrily whistled at.


Now what?

Let’s go around the other side, by St. Basil’s.

And here we found our haven.  Trees!  Grass!  No police! IMG_7727

The red wall behind me is part of the Kremlin, it’s the outer wall.  Obviously.

There were other people sitting there, also undisturbed.  It was wonderful!  This was our view:


I don’t know what those buildings are… but that’s what we were looking at.  Also we were looking at the side of St. Basil’s Cathedral, which was amazing, as well.


Me and the caviar.  Might as well take a picture, it’ll last longer.

I wrote in my journal that I didn’t know that I’d pay $80 for caviar again… but maybe.  I think it was worth it in this case, and we enjoyed it.

Sooooo… it wasn’t quite the same as our picnic by the Eiffel Tower.  BUT!  It was memorable and magnificent all the same.

Great.  Now I’m craving $80 Russian caviar.


2 responses to “Picnicking on the Grass by the Kremlin is Kind of Difficult

  1. Thank goodness you clarified that was the “outer Kremlin wall”. I may not have understood that. 😉

    I love this picnic idea. I think it would be interesting to try and do a picnic on each trip you take in someplace unusual and not where a lot of people would settle down for a break. Would likely make for some interesting stories.


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