Spying on Holyrood Palace from Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

It’s been SUPER-windy here lately.  Like, to the point that the shingles have been torn from roofs.  The forecast called for DUST.    I’m trying to think of a third thing but I can’t and I’m going to give up now and carry on with my point.  All this wind has reminded me of another encounter we had with severe wind…

I think this is the most bonkers video clip Andrew has ever recorded:

We were in Scotland in 2013, and spent most of our time there in Edinburgh.  LOVE that city.  The temperature, the beauty, the fascinating history, the pubs, it was all pretty great.  One of my favourite parts of our visit there was our impromptu decision to climb Arthur’s Seat.

Arthur’s Seat is the dormant volcano/giant hill in the middle of the city, right by Holyrood Palace.  Heck, because I’m a born and bred Prairie Girl, I’m going to go right ahead and call it a mountain.  MOUNTAIN!

Holyrood Palace is where the British monarch stays when in town. IMG_4342

Holyrood Palace, as seen through the gates that were locked and guarded.

We were spending our day walking the Royal Mile, which stretches from Holyrood Palace at the bottom, up to the magnificent Edinburgh castle.  We started with the castle and strolled down the Mile to the Palace, where we encountered this: IMG_4335 And this: IMG_4345

Expectant-looking people.  And… guards?  Secret Service?

We had nothing better to do than join these people in their loitering.  They all got really excited when some cars went by, so we joined them in taking pictures through the now-closed gates: IMG_4351

Is that lady important?  Beats me.  The guy in front of us seemed to think so.

And then the excitement ended, the crowd dispersed. I noticed that, in spite of the absolutely insane wind, there were many ladies dressed in garden party attire, entering the Palace gates.  I knew this because my dear friend Tracy had recently met Kate Middleton at the royal garden party in London, and this was reminding me of her stories and pictures.  Tracy meets royalty the proper way, getting all dressed up and going through the front gates like a lady.  But what do I do? I climb a mountain and spy. IMG_4332

Arthur’s Seat, as seen form across the street, outside the gates of Holyrood Palace.

I looked up at Arthur’s Seat, and said to Andrew, “Let’s climb that and see what things look like from the top!”

He agreed, this was indeed a splendid idea.

We easily found a path on the non-steep side of the mountain, and wandered up. But, it wasn’t that serene. The wind was incredible. I thought I was going to blow right off the mountain!

We hadn’t gone that far when we encountered other Nosy Nellies:

And, here’s just a series of really short videos that convey just how aggressively windy it was.

And, here’s a series of pictures from up on Arthur’s Seat, which make it look very quiet and orderly:


A spy-picture from Arthur’s Seat.  Some kind of get-together happening at the Palace, just not sure what.


You can see the National Monument of Scotland on Calton Hill in this pic.  So cool!


It doesn’t look that windy in these pics.  That’s why the videos.  (Which I find kind of terrifying, by the way.)


Just casually hanging out.  You’d never know I was about to blow off the mountain.

Just goes to show that there’s so much of a story that pictures DON’T tell. There was lots more hiking we could’ve done on Arthur’s Seat, and I would’ve loved to spend the day running all over the place up there.  But, we had an agenda.  We had to hit the pubs.  😉


4 responses to “Spying on Holyrood Palace from Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

  1. Yup, I thought that said “Hollywood” not “Holyrood”.

    Question about the years: you say you were there in 2012 and Tracy had just met Princess Kate but she met Princess Kate in 2013 (holy consistency-editor-in-me batman!)

    So true about how pictures don’t really tell anything. That’s why they’re worth “a thousand words”, I guess. 🙂


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