Much Love for the Montevideo Brew House

Andrew and I love beer.  Not just any beer, though.  We’re the kind of nerds that like independent, flavourful beers.  I mean, in a pinch I’ll have a standard flavourless cheaply-made corporate lager, sure.  But we enjoy seeking new beers, and the kinds of places that cater to seekers-of-beer such as ourselves.  This is why, when we travel, we try to find out if there’s a brewhouse in the various cities we visit.

This is how we came to arrive at Montevideo Brew House, this past summer.


Dutifully recording the various beers we were trying.

Yes, this is how we have fun at bars.  We turn drinking into a matter of analytics.

We had had quite the day darting about Montevideo, and were only staying in the city for one night.  While we had seen some really interesting sights, we had not fared so well in our search for sustenance that day.  And so, we were grateful to see they served food at MBH.  We tend to just go for the meat and cheese platter right away, and this day was no exception:



When the platter was set before us, we were in awe.  The meats and cheeses were of a very high quality, and the bread had actually been made there, and was warmed just perfectly for us.  Not to the point of crispiness wherein the roof of my mouth gets shredded,  but merely to the point at which it was soft and fresh and melded perfectly with the cheeses and meats.  It was the most thoughtful bread I’d ever encountered on a meat and cheese platter.  The pickles were also delightful.  It all made me feel so… sustained.

So, we decided to get more.  We asked our server some questions about various menu items, and he was extremely regretful that his English was not very good.  I need to interject here, that Andrew and I only know how to speak English, and this is to our great shame.  We admire anyone that can venture to communicate in more than one language.  We know that we are linguistically pathetic.

Our server darted away, and soon the chef (I believe he said his name was Santiago) arrived at our table to explain the menu in person.  Turns out he studied the culinary arts in England, and is specifically a fan of Heston Blumenthal.  He was so kind, and so enjoyed talking about food — I felt that food really is his passion.  He told us that he was trying to imitate Heston’s fry recipe, so we ordered that, and a bruschetta platter with three different versions of bruschetta.


Best fries EVER.

So crispy on the outside, so soft on the inside, so DELICIOUS.


Bruschetta three ways, on yet another kind of thoughtfully-created bread.

I appreciated the quality and the intention of the food so very much.  SO HAPPY.

And the beers!  The beers were also very good.  The highlight for me was the Session Coffee beer — it tasted JUST like a Coffee Crisp chocolate bar… and to me, that’s a very good thing. They had a good selection of their own beers as well as a number from Davok, one of Uruguay’s best craft breweries.

Then, something amazing happened.  Something that will leaves Montevideo Brew House forever etched in my mind as one of my favourite destinations — the chef sent us a dessert.



Brownie, ice cream, dulce de leche.  Best ever.  We enjoyed this so very much… again with the quality, but it’s true! There was no cutting corners.  It was a weeknight so there weren’t many people there, and that fact made me want to weep… because the food was just so good, but where were the people?  Ohhhhhh I loved it.

We left quite contented.. and hope to return someday.


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