Mockery at the Jordan River Baptismal Site

Wow.  So, after our exhilarating break from authority wherein we actually got to dip our toes in the Sea of Galilee, we raced back to our bus.  We suspected that our guide would be hoping to leave us behind at this point.  However, we were much more fleet of foot than many of the other 48 in our group.  Let’s face it, giant tour groups just don’t move that fast.  We victoriously launched ourselves back onto the bus, and off we went.

Weirdly, suddenly the hills we were driving through were engulfed in smoke… and flames.  These hills had been just fine on our way to Capernaum… but this fire had erupted and spread within the two hours we’d been there.

There were even cars on fire, that we drove right past…


It was a little unnerving.  We asked our guide about it, and he said it was probably just from the hot sun on the dry grass, that these fires happen naturally all the time.

Ummmmm… that sounded a bit like bullshit.

Well anyway… onward!

It was time for lunch.  The bus drove us to a remote location and we unloaded into a restaurant where they’d been waiting for us.  There were no options, and we weren’t told what the cost would be.  We were super hungry by now… and thirsty… but being herded around like mindless goats was annoying.  We did not go in.  Instead, we sat outside by the bus, under a tree, and waited for everyone else to finish eating.  It was awesome.  (No it wasn’t.)


Don’t let the thumbs-up fool you.  These are sarcastic thumbs-up.

In hindsight, we probably should’ve just eaten with them.  Whatever.  Ha.  Next time.

We then continued on to the Jordan River baptismal site.  Honestly, it felt like another Christian tourist trap.  It costs money to get baptized there.  That didn’t sit right with us.  Maybe it’s because we’re such cheap Mennonites.  Ha.


But, it WAS pretty amazing to actually be there.  I mean, it’s historically important to Christians.  And fairly lovely to look at, if you look away from the welcome centre.



This little guy likes swimming in the Jordan River.

Then we saw the people that had paid the baptismal fee going down to the baptismal site…


And decided to conduct our own little ceremony…


This experience inspired Andrew to write The Sacrament of Mockery for Geez Magazine.

We then went to the handy concession stand at the Jordan River site, and bought water, Pringles, and ice cream to fill our empty bellies, before getting back on the bus for the long ride to Tel Aviv.  My journal notes that we saw camels grazing on this leg of the journey… but sadly, no pictures.

Coming up next… my thoughts on partying.  And the Tel Aviv beach.  YES!


5 responses to “Mockery at the Jordan River Baptismal Site

  1. love that you ate pringles and ice cream at the Jordan River baptismal site. but, wow, look how tourist-ified it is! crazy. all to make a buck, make a buck.


    • Yes… well that’s how we seemed to feel about it, anyway. But it seems to me that every one of those other tourists flocking to the site were having experiences that were personally very deeply meaningful to them. I rather felt caught between irony and sincerity. And an overwhelming urge to stuff potato chips down my gullet.


      • I think I’d be in a similar stuck-place. I’d want to buy the keychain that says “I got baptized in the Jordan River” but I’d also want to treasure the experience of being there. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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