Rebellion at Capernaum & the Sea of Galilee

Continued from yesterday… our bus tour with Bein Harim on July 16, 2011.

From my journal: “Then we went to Capernaum and saws some cool ruins, including the alleged home of St. Peter.  Thing is… all the Christian relics are housed in modern buildings.  After having seen Rome and Athens where they have stuff that’s thousands of years old just laying around everywhere outside… this felt kind of fake in comparison.”

Before that, we visited the Church of the Multiplication.  As in, where the miracle of the loaves and fishes is said to have occurred.  Evidently I didn’t even feel it was necessary to put this in my journal, though.  I was becoming weary of all these places declaring “the biblical miracle occurred right HERE”.


This courtyard is etched into my memory.  We sat here for what felt like hours, listening to the guide talk.  I have no idea what he was saying.  That’s probably due to my shitty attitude.  I regret this.


Under the alter is a piece of rock — the very rock upon which Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes!  (Ummmm…)


I found this gate hilarious.  It’s so new (ish)!  I was imagining that it was there in Jesus’ time.  Still makes me laugh.


Capernaum is pretty cool, though.  


I think these are the ruins of the 5th century basilica that was built over the house of St. Peter…


Looking down into the house of Peter, where Jesus stayed.  This is what we were told.


That’s a 4th century synagogue back there.  


Ruins of ancient homes, and the synagogue… pretty fantastic to see.


And then, suddenly, DRAMA!

We’d been wandering around Capernaum, mostly sitting on benches in the shade listening to our guide, for several hours.  Capernaum was a seaside fishing village.  Right there, on the Sea of Galilee.  The very sea we were wanting to see.  It was our entire reason for even booking this particular tour!  THE SEA!

At some point, it became evident that we were NOT going to the Sea of Galilee.  It felt like we were just going to go directly back to the bus now.  I couldn’t stand it anymore.  I yelped out, “Hey, aren’t we going to the actual SEA?!?”

The guide looked me like I was asking the stupidest question ever.  “You can see it.  It’s right over there.  But no, we’re not going right up to it.”  I feel like he might’ve even rolled his eyes.  Ugh, tourists can be soooooo stupid.

Well look.  The brochure had clearly stated the tour included the Sea of Galilee.  And we WERE going to touch that sea!

We made a break for it.  MUTINY!

We broke from our group and raced to the Sea of Galilee, scrambled over the rocks, and put our feet into the cool refreshing water.

Several others from our group followed us.

It was exhilarating!


Breaking the rules at the Sea of Galilee.  Jesus would be so proud.


Looks like a demented game of Twister.

Getting my feet splashed by the Sea of Galilee was the best part of my day thus far.  And running away from the group was also pretty awesome.  HAHAHA!

Tomorrow… Bein Harim Bus Tour Part 3: a Frustrating Restaurant Stop, and the Jordan River


5 responses to “Rebellion at Capernaum & the Sea of Galilee

  1. Wow! The rock where the loaves/fishes were multiplied! Wow! The house of Peter! Wow!

    (this is where a sarcasm font would be appreciated)

    I do, however, love seeing these pictures and would LOVE to see this stuff in person some day too. There is obvious history behind everything…even that “special” rock which may or may not have had a miracle occur on it but it is still really old and cool. So, I do love all that. 🙂


    • Ha, yes indeed. They even created a mosaic to depict the miracle. Honestly, I’m not saying whether I believe it did or did not happen at all, or right there, or whatever. It is simply where it is said to have occurred… something made them believe that… or choose to tell people this. Perhaps this is based upon the pursuit of the almighty dollar. Or perhaps this is based upon genuine faith/stories passed down. Or perhaps the truth hovers somewhere in the middle…
      Admittedly, I was becoming weary of seeing all these many churches built upon supposed miraculous sites… but I also was becoming weary of my own doubt. Sometimes I just want to quietly observe, and process quietly alone. This was difficult to achieve during our sojourn. 🙂


      • I agree. I don’t disagree with the possibility that these locations really ARE the actual locations of the miracles and Jesus’ birth, etc. but the odds of THAT rock being the exact rock are so unlikely that common sense tells me it could not be. That would be tough to all process while you are right there and with all the tourists around you being mystified by the sights.


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