Fantastical View of Pudong from the Bund, Shanghai

Thursday July 19th, 2012:  We’d just arrived in Shanghai, and couldn’t wait to run out there and see this surreal skyline for ourselves:


They want to build a Disney resort over there soon. Naturally.

I don’t know if you can tell or not… but I’m stunned and disoriented here.  I think I’d just woken up from a nap.  We were on our way to find some beer.  Also, Andrew was coaching me again.  He tells me I could edit these little videos… but I don’t do it.  I think they’re funny the way they are.


This was all built within the last 20 years!


The boats on the Huangpu River are all lit up, too, which adds to the bizarre, beautiful spectacle.


All these pictures might look the same, but they’re each kinda different.  Some show more water, some show more buildings…  You can tell there was a mist in the evening air that night.


A view of the Bund side, where we were standing.  The buildings on the Bund were all built by foreign companies that China allowed to come in.  A remnant of colonialism.  You can tell they’re a lot older and much different than the Pudong side.



A considerably bedraggled me, posing with a stunning backdrop. Yes, great.


A clearer picture taken three days later.  

We ended up walking here along the Bund all the time during our stay, since our hotel was so near.  Looking all around me, struggling to take it all in, I felt completely stunned by the extraordinary person I married, who brings me to such extraordinary places.  Stunned, lucky, grateful, blessed.

Oh, and there’ll be more — MANY more — pictures of Shanghai to be posted in the coming days, weeks and/or months.  Woo!


3 responses to “Fantastical View of Pudong from the Bund, Shanghai

  1. This is going to totally take away from the culturalism of your post but…didn’t Amazing Race have a challenge right there??

    What is in each of those buildings? Hotels? Businesses? Casinos?


    • I don’t really know how much “culturalism” Pudong has to offer, it’s pretty new! Also, we get very excited when we end up in a place they’ve been to on Amazing Race!
      I will post about what’s over there a different day — because we did actually explore that side of the river. 🙂


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