A Sunday Morning Stroll in Shanghai

Sunday, July 22, 2012: “I woke up before Andrew, and decided to go out exploring on my own, to see what the people of Shanghai do on a Sunday morning.”


The Bund… blindingly, swelteringly hot, even at 9:30 am.


Tai Chi with fans, in the shade.

(In other Chinese cities, I had seen people using swords for Tai Chi, but hadn’t thought of trying to get a picture.)

“I didn’t see as many Tai Chi practitioners as I had hoped… but I did see church-goers leaving church.  That was unexpected!”

IMG_3005View of Pudong by the glaring light of day.  Check out the “bottle opener” skyscraper, slightly right of centre.


“Andrew! I found a brewery you hadn’t heard of! Look, I took a picture!”




“I also went to People’s Park and saw people relaxing with their families, playing games, hanging out, and doing water calligraphy on the sidewalk!”


I imagine this says something peaceful and happy.


Trees in People’s Park.  It was beautiful!

Coming from the park, I entered the square, and heard this music.  Curious, I followed, and made a little movie to show Andrew.  It’s very shaky, sorry about that.

At night there are sparkly boats on the Huangpu River… and on Sunday mornings there are barges.  LOTS of them.


Our hotel was just on the other side of this bridge.  We’d cross the bridge, and be on the Bund.  It was such a fantastic location.  You can see our hotel a bit, peeking out from the back of the bridge, right in the very centre of the photograph.  I’ll talk about our hotel another time.  It deserves its own post.

Happy peaceful Sunday!


2 responses to “A Sunday Morning Stroll in Shanghai

  1. I like seeing the videos. I don’t know if I knew you took videos on your trips. I’ve only just seen the pictures. It looks like a nice time spent on your own!


    • Yeah, the videos began when we bought a camera with video-capability. Andrew’s idea. I’m glad we’ve started doing them, even though I’m very self-conscious and awkward on video.


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