Bund Sightseeing Tunnel, Shanghai

On July 22nd, 2012, while staying in Shanghai, Andrew and I embarked on a sci-fi journey unlike any other: the delightfully cheesy “Bund Sightseeing Tunnel”.

Even the fact that they call it a “sightseeing tunnel” is telling, regarding the cheesiness factor.  I mean, what kind of sights would you expect to see in a tunnel?

Typically, not a whole heck of a lot.

But not when you’re heading to Pudong from the Bund.

mapThe Bund is the side with all the stuff on it.  PuDong is the new/supposedly empty area on the other side of the HuangPu River.  I don’t know how old this map is… because there’s a LOT of stuff in PuDong now.  I mean, yeah, it’s ll brand new — but it’s completely developed.  And that’s precisely where we were headed, via the magnificent Bund Sightseeing Tunnel.


By the way, I don’t think we read ANY guide books that actually recommended going on this thing.  They all said, “Don’t do it, it sucks, blah blah blah.”

Well, thanks to all those good folks, our expectations were pretty low.

Here’s what we actually experienced:


I was not able to stop laughing.  The little funicular boxes on the rails jolted along slowly, as the bright lights and menacing voiceover swirled around us.


The lights!  The lights!  They did not stop changing.


This is not the place for those prone to seizures.


Is this what it’s like to be born?


I’m going to go ahead and be the lone voice of dissent regarding the usefulness of the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel.  You should go!  Simply because it’s hilarious.  SUPER-hilarious.  And you’ll get some fantastical photos.


3 responses to “Bund Sightseeing Tunnel, Shanghai

  1. “Is this what it’s like to be born?” LMAO!

    It looks like something you’d go on at Disneyworld…before going on the actual ride. Like, the lead-up to it.

    Fun! 😉


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