Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral & Monte Fort, Macau

After Andrew and I dined on Macanese fare, we had some unfinished business.  We still needed to see the Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Since our bellies were finally full, we could turn our attention fully to following a walking tour suggested in our guidebook. The walking tour brought us to places like this… IMG_0652And this… IMG_0654 Things were becoming increasingly crowded.  Something was clearly drawing all of us… we all seemed to have the same aim.  And then we turned a corner and there it was — St. Paul’s! IMG_0655

I believe I said something like this: “Oooooooh!”


Andrew doctored up the photo for our travel book.  It’s beautiful.


A side view.  A little less fantastical… but still pretty cool!

Then we headed up the MOUNTAIN that is the green space linking the ruins to Monte Fort.  Okay it wasn’t an actual mountain.  But, you’ll remember, I’m a prairie girl.  Everything’s a mountain to me.

I wrote in my journal: “Nice how you have to climb to see all these things. Ha.”  Yeah, it’s true… back in the day, everything spectacular or important that was built, was on a hill.  Which means us sightseers of today must become accustomed to climbing all manner of awkward exhausting hills.  I’m not complaining though — this is why I work out.  I’m REALLY happy for the motivation… and I couldn’t think of any better motivation, either.

IMG_0662From the Fort, we could see back from whence we’d come.  Huge casinos!


Andrew’s sense of humour.


Me, just hiding from the sun, really.


So was he.  We make a good pair.


The path was lined with pebbles… and I just couldn’t care less about hygiene.  All I could see in this path was a foot massage.  Now that I’m removed from that situation, I’m finding this pretty gross.


A final view of the ruins from the shade of the nearby trees.  *sigh*  Farewell, Macau!  It was fun.

Favourite picture of the ruins, and the beautiful trees of Macau.


3 responses to “Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral & Monte Fort, Macau

  1. I love that picture with the beautiful tree in the middle of all that concrete and people!

    Oh, and I TOTALLY get how everything is a “mountain” to us! I can’t tell you how many times I was laughed at in STL for referring to every ‘hill’ (in their terms) as a “mountain”!

    But, I do not know what St. Paul’s Cathedral’s significance is. Just that it’s old? Are there a lot of cathedrals in China??


    • Macau and Hong Kong are part of China but only sort of. They have their own laws and currency and passports. Macau was Portugese. Hong Kong was British. So yeah they both have a longer Christian tradition than mainland China. Not to mention they never faced the Maoist efforts to eradicate religion. Erin will explain about the Jesuits. 🙂


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