Exploring Colonial Macau: 25 Pictures

After checking out the casinos of Macau a bit, we set off to see the rest of the city/island.  We first decided we needed to find food.  This however proved to be difficult, as it turned out we were visiting on a public holiday and there were many closures.  This holiday doesn’t seem to be on many lists, and it certainly wasn’t in our guidebook, but it seems to me it may have been their Independence Day!  Not sure though.  All I know is that we found a restaurant in our guidebook that we wanted to visit, which was kind of on the other side of the hill that Macau is built on… so getting there in the hot sun was a bit arduous, but we found it!  And when we did… it was closed.


Leal Senado Building. Check out all the people crowded under the tree for shade. Yep, it was a scorcher.


Senado Square.


Holy House of Mercy.


Handsome husband.


Me, before I got all melty.

IMG_0571 At this point we weren’t too concerned.  We’d simply try the next restaurant listed in the guidebook that sounded good to us.  Off we trotted.  It too, turned out to be closed.  I’m not sure if we tried again after this or what.  By now we were noticing a pattern — closures.  And it did feel like a Sunday, too.  Just… quieter than we’d pictured.  Which is great!  Except for how unprepared we were to feed ourselves.


Senado Square.

IMG_0577 In our search for food, we inadvertently explored Macau.  No specific walking tour… just struggling to get to restaurants that turned out to be closed.  This took several hours.  Though we were grouchy actually… it was fun exploring!  Like my friend Lynn mentioned, it really is an interesting mix of Chinese and Portuguese architecture and culture.

Not all the photos here are of colonial style buildings, obviously.  Just photos from our explorations in search of food, and this is how we came to see sights that fascinated us.  Everyday stuff, too, like people’s apartments, above.


Dom Pedro & St. Augustine’s. This is on top of a mountain, basically.


Dom Pedro V Theatre. 






Beautiful shady walk.



I feel like I should know what this pink house is, but I don’t.


Ditto this green building.


St. Augustine’s Church.




Moorish Barracks.

It was around this time that we finally, FINALLY found some restaurants that were open… and regretfully so.  You can imagine how mobbed they were.  We joined the mob, and finally attained the sustenance we sought.  And that… will be another post for another day.  (This one’s already too crowded with pictures that I can’t even label properly.)


6 responses to “Exploring Colonial Macau: 25 Pictures

  1. I googled and it says that if independence day falls on a weekend, then the Friday or Monday will be treated as a holiday. So, that’s probably why you didn’t have that day listed as a holiday but it was being acknowledged as a holiday. Just like we do with our Canada Day, etc.

    Also, at the Leal Senado building…was the ground really that wavy or is that an optical illusion??


    • I think we were there on a Wednesday, though… but that might’ve still been the holiday…? Not sure.
      Oh, I should’ve referenced that wavy-looking pattern! It was like a demented crosswalk. Or, a melted crosswalk. It was trippy to walk on that wavy-looking square!


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