The Casinos of Macau: Super-Flashy, Even By Day

“It was a hell of a scorcher today!”  That’s what Andrew wants me to write… and it’s true.  

That’s how my journal begins for Wednesday, July 4, 2012.

That’s always the first thing we notice about a place.  Not the stunning architecture, not the fascinating people… it’s our own personal comfort level.  And the fact that I can feel the sun’s rays searing my skin.  On this day, I could practically HEAR my skin sizzling like bacon in a frying pan.

But that didn’t stop us from exploring the heck outta Macau.

After we arrived on the TurboJet Ferry, we still needed to figure out how to get to the city portion of Macau.  Between the terminal and our destination was a very long bridge… which part of me was actually dying to walk along.  It looked pretty sweet.  But, in the interest of saving time, we decided to hop in a shuttle.  There were a bunch of shuttles awaiting our arrival, eager to funnel us all directly into their respective casinos.  And so, FREE RIDE, WOOOO!


Lost in Casino Lisboa.


I think Andrew chose the Casino Lisboa shuttle because he knew it was (arguably) the biggest, flashiest casino, so we might as well be driven right to it.  As you can see in the picture above, I disembarked concerned and disoriented.  It’s no easy feat to find your way out of the casino.  You see, we were not dropped at the door.  Ohhhhh no.  We were driven into the very bowels of Casino Lisboa, and found ourselves in the midst of Gambling Central.  It was all very amazing to see, but we could feel them trying to suck our time away from us.  We had to escape.  We wanted to see more than simply the insides of one casino.  (A novel idea for a gambling mecca, I know.)

What can I say?  We’re just not bitten by the gambling bug.  Couldn’t be bothered to figure out how to play these games.  Bor-ing.  (What?  Yeah, I realize we’re weirdos — this is not news to me.)

We’ve also never been to Las Vegas.  Perhaps we’ll go, one day, when someone pays us to go.  Because I can’t really think of any other way we’d bother.  Those are not the vices that hold sway with us.  We have other vices.  Like, food.  Which you can find in many other places than just Las Vegas (though I know many great chefs have set up shop there).

Anyway!  We finally figured out how to get out of Casino Lisboa.  I think it may have taken at least half an hour of fast, confused walking on our part.

When we emerged back into the light of day, it was blinding, it was sweltering, we were melting.


A photo of the door we escaped from. We promptly crossed the street and looked to back to see from whence we came.


This place is fantastical. 


 It’s very difficult to capture the sparkly enormity of this particular building with just one photo.


I’m not happy that Andrew told me to stand in the glaring burning sun for this picture. I’m not always the most cooperative subject.


 Another effort to represent. We were very dazzled by this place.


 From here it looks like a strange sparkly carnival.



 “Ahhhhhhh! My feet are BURNING! Sunscreen break!”

Once we felt our retinas were sufficiently melted from viewing these exceptionally shiny buildings with the sun at its zenith, we prepared to move along.

No no no, I don’t mean leave the island.  No way!  This was our day trip!  BUT… and this may be news to those who are addicted to gambling… there’s actually a LOT more to Macau than just casinos.

Just like Hong Kong was colonized by the British, Macau was colonized by the Portuguese.  We had to go check out that situation, and so off we trotted…

(To be continued…!)


3 responses to “The Casinos of Macau: Super-Flashy, Even By Day

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  2. So…it was hot? 😉

    I also enjoyed some of the vocabulary used in this post: whence, fantastical, bowels, vices, zenith and trotted. 🙂


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