Andrew & I Explore Kelwood, Manitoba: a video/photo post

Over the years as we’ve traveled, Andrew and I have created “informative” little on-location videos — little snippets of our current experiences.  I’m very tempted to struggle to convey to you just how terrible I look/sound on video… but you know what?  I won’t.  I’m awkward, I’m lame, I know it, I’m over it. And so, here’s a video post from our day wandering around Kelwood under the hot Manitoba summer sun:

A few days earlier, we had just arrived home from spending 3 weeks in China, so we were still in vacation/exploring mode.  After all our friends left early from Harvest Sun, Andrew and I stuck around, and had a LOT of fun just ambling around town together, exploring a town we’d never seen before.  Here’s a bunch of pictures we took as we strolled. IMG_3176

I have eyes only for Andrew!  (Also, his face is reflected in my sunglasses.)

old puckersIn the midst of that black circle, it reads: “Home of the Kelwood Old Puckers”. 


 An excellent Firebird parked near the home of the Old Puckers.


 The well-cared-for Legion, complete with statue and flag.


“Wow!”  Yes, that certainly sums it up: a now-defunct elementary school, repurposed as a car dealership.  


 Abandoned swings, found near the old elementary school/current used car dealership.


A wistful, lonely slide. 

mb mountain

The Manitoba mountains.  Yonder lies Riding Mountain National Park.  You don’t know badly I wanted to run off down that road and explore further.  Someday I’ll convince Andrew to join me in this, and it will be wonderful.

losing balance

 Beautiful landscaping in a public space.  I’m losing my balance here.  So graceful.


Kelwood Community Centre. 


St. John’s Anglican Church / recording studio

IMG_3157 There are many well-cared for/resurrected homes in Kelwood.  It’s truly fascinating.  I felt the town was in the midst of a sort of revival… and many of those who attended Harvest Sun, may have actually been purchasing property and intending to stay.  I could understand the attraction.  Truly. Here I’ll leave you with the concluding portion of our Kelwood video series:

(You can tell Andrew’s totally coaching me.)



2 responses to “Andrew & I Explore Kelwood, Manitoba: a video/photo post

  1. lol “The Old Puckers”! Loves it! I don’t find you lame and awkward on video–I think you’re adorable! Also, is this the famous Fred-Penner-Loves-My-Hat hat?


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