3 Firsts On Our Flight Into Istanbul

There were many firsts on our flight from Amsterdam to Istanbul in July 2007.  Time to discuss ’em!

First of all, it was my first flight in which I didn’t get to sit next to Andrew.  Amazingly, this didn’t faze me at all!  His seat was right in front of me, and we were both on the aisle, so we did awkwardly hold hands sometimes.  We’re sweet like that.


Totally sweet.

Suddenly, I sensed a sort of buzz of excitement in the plane — everyone was shifting in their seats, straining to look out the windows.  The two gentlemen in my row allowed me to see out the window too, and I asked them what it was that we were looking at.  They responded, “The Black Sea!”  The Black Sea!  I was staring down at the Black Sea!  It was such a WOW moment for me.  I leaned forward and began poking Andrew’s elbow.

“Andrew!  Andrew, check it out — we’re flying over the Black Sea!”



I leaned forward to see him in the row ahead of me — he was sleeping.  SLEEPING!

Argh!  That guy.  He’s so good at sleeping on planes!

I continued to marvel and absorb the palpable sense of newness — I wasn’t the only one on the plane who’d never seen the Black Sea before!

black seaAnd it looked like THIS!

This flight was also the first time I dared to use a bathroom on a plane.

Right — I know, I know!  How in the heck did I get myself all the way to Amsterdam without ever using the on-board bathrooms?  Like, especially across the Atlantic Ocean?  I think it was terror.  It just didn’t sound like a good time to me, so I opted instead for dehydration.

But… I learned that dehydration is just not my jam.

And so… it was time to get over my fear of airplane bathrooms.

Well… it wasn’t so much fear, as disgust.



And… my disgust was justified, for sure.  We all know about the smell.  And then I thought about that whole Mile High Club thing.  Like… were people actually going in there to get it on?  With the stench and the flimsy door and the utter lack of room even for an apparently smaller person such as myself?

I mean… don’t you think about it too?  And if you’re traveling with your life-partner, don’t you think about perhaps dragging them in there, just to see what all the fuss is about?  Come on.  It must’ve at least occurred to you.

I’ll be honest — I did think of it for about two seconds — and immediately dismissed the idea.  It’s very gross in there, I don’t want to spend any more time in that tiny stinky box than necessary.  I strive to get out of there as fast as possible, touching as little of the surfaces as possible.

So, that’s my list of three firsts on my flight to Istanbul… not sitting next to Andrew, seeing the Black Sea from the plane, and using the bathroom in the midst of a flight.

But no Mile High Club.


2 responses to “3 Firsts On Our Flight Into Istanbul

  1. lol I totally thought of the “mile high club” too when I was flying. I just didn’t know how any couple were able to inconspicuously both get in that tiny washroom in the first place! Everyone would see them both going in. Or maybe that’s the point…


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